IELTS Cue Card Sample 341 - Describe a trip that you made by public transport

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a trip that you made by public transport.

You should say:

  • when and where you went
  • what kind of transport you used
  • how was your trip

and explain why did you choose to use public transport.

Model Answer 1:
Today I am going to tell you about a trip I made by public transport. I will tell you when and where I went, what transport I used, a little about the trip and why I chose to use public transport.

The trip was made about five weeks ago. Can you guess where I was going? I was leaving my home in Sheffield, England, to come to Vietnam!

To make this journey I had to use lots of different forms of transport. The first part was by car – a friend gave me a lift to the coach station. The coach I was travelling in went overnight, so it was very late, very cold and very dark when I arrived at the coach station. I was glad my friend was with me. The coach arrived at midnight, and the driver was tired and a bit cross. He was quite rude to all the passengers which I and my friend thought was funny! My backpack was put in the compartment under the coach, and I climbed on board. There were lots of empty seats on the coach, so I sat at the front and had two all to myself. I tried to sleep but it was uncomfortable and I was excited, so I didn’t really get any sleep at all. The coach stopped a few times over night so people could get on and off. At one point the driver changed, and a new friendlier driver came on board.

Our destination? It was Heathrow Airport, this is a huge international airport near to London. The journey to London took about 6 hours. I was very tired when I arrived in the early morning at Heathrow, but I knew that when I got on my plane, then the next step in my adventure would begin!

Although I do have my own car, I try to use public transport whenever I can. I think it is better for the environment and also less stressful. However, for this trip, I had no choice.  I was going away for a long time, so I would not be able to leave my car at the airport for so many months. I wonder what my next journey will be?

[ Written by - Lucy Marris | Careers Adviser (UK), TEFL teacher (Vietnam) ]

Sample Answer 2:
Just after I graduated from the high school, I made a remarkable trip to Barcelona and I took a train and finally shared a yacht on this trip. It would be probably 2014 when I had this journey and I was about 16 years old at that time.

Barcelona was around 4 hours journey from our home and I went there with my family. Every year we visit different parts of or country and sometimes outside the country. This time my father wanted to have a trip to enjoy the holidays and to celebrate my graduation from high school. He asked me whether I would be interested in having this trip and I had no reason to say no.

It was summer and we decided to visit somewhere nearby but suitable for the season. This is why we had this trip to Barcelona. The train journey was quite comfortable and we enjoyed spectacular views on our journey. We checked in a hotel after we reached near the sea and stayed there 3 days.

The beautiful views of the skyline and iconic landmarks from the yacht made our trip memorable. I had been to this place once in my childhood but the pleasure of enjoying the picturesque view with my family, meeting foreign tourists, enjoying seafood, celebrating my graduation were something quite different. After I had this trip, I visited a few other places but none of these places could be compared the fabulous experience I had on this journey. Our decision to take public transportation was proven to be a wise decision.  Since my father had to get back to his office, we could not stay more than 3 days but deep inside me, I wished I could stay a little longer. All in all, it was a very fantastic journey and we enjoyed it a lot.

I bought a few toys for my nephews and nieces who could not join us on this trip. I had to share my experience of this tour with them and tell stories about our journey. While planning for this trip, we decided we would rather take a train than taking our private car. There were basically two reasons for that. First, I did not want to drive all the way and second I did not want to miss the spectacular views of the roadside. We shared the yacht because hiring the whole yacht was quite expensive. Using the public transportation like the train and shared yacht also reduced our cost. Hopefully, I will make this trip once again someday.  


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