IELTS Cue Card Sample 349 - An interesting story that you heard or read about in the news

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an interesting story that you heard or read about in the news.

You should say:

  • when you heard or read about the story
  • what the story was about
  • why the story was in the news

and explain why you thought the story was interesting.

Model Answer:
Thank you very much to let me talk about this cue card topic. The story that I am going to talk about is a fascinating story on how an eight year’s old kid saved more than 500 people from possible fatal casualty. I read this story a year ago in a daily newspaper.

This story was published in a popular newspaper that I used to read every day at that time and it was featured as a story of bravery and exemplary one.

An eight years old boy was playing with some other kids in the evening near a rail junction and suddenly noticed that a part of the rail track was severely damaged. While other kids ignored that and returned to their houses, this particular boy was different and he went home and persuaded his father that something bad is going to happen. He came back to the train junction with his father and took a great deal of hassle to convince the rail officers to actually go to visit the damage. They officers were reluctant to do so and thought it was a child’s imagination or lack of comprehension. But the boy was adamant and with his father, they were able to finally convince them that something terrible might happen if they do not take prompt actions. When all of them saw the severe damage on the rail track, it was almost the time for a passenger rail to pass this junction using this particular rail track. It was evening and very few people were in the station. The railway authority understood that repairing the harmed railroad was impossible. They immediately informed the nearby station and warned them so that the train does not leave that junction.

Next day many rail supervisors and employees visited the place and they were amazed by the bravery the boy showed to save people from an approaching peril.  
I followed the news story and next day it made the headline of every local newspaper. As far I remember the boy was given many gifts by the rail authorities as well as the local administration.

The story was an exemplary one to remind us how a small sacrifice and bravery can save others. The eight years old boy showed his utmost intelligence, heroism and prompt actions to save people from unforeseeable dangers. The event was so touchy that it went viral in a day and that hit the headline of many newspapers. I did not watch TV that time, but I am sure that was also in TV news.

From the very nature of this event, we can understand that we revere the good news and we are not used to the bad news only. The great courage of a small kid saved the lives of many and that was an indeed worth news story to let the people of the whole country know and feel proud of.

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