IELTS Cue Card Sample 425 - Stage/ part of your life that you enjoyed the most

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Talk about a stage/ part of your life that you enjoyed the most.

You should say:

  • what part it is
  • where you were then
  • what memorable things you did

and explain why this is the most enjoyable part / stage in your life.

Sample Answer:
Thank you very much for this nice cue  card topic. The best part of my life is undoubtedly the childhood I have had. In fact, childhood is favourite to everyone and my childhood was extraordinary, magical and full of excitements.

I spent my childhood in a suburban area which is (...say the name of the place where you spent your childhood...). This was a very beautiful place and I was lucky that I was born in this wonderful town. My parents always loved me and they had been my best companion in my childhood. Once in a year, they took me out of the country to enjoy our summer holidays. I was the centre of their universe and my childhood became so gorgeous due to them.

My first visit to Greece with my parents was quite exciting and enthralling. This was the first time when I realised that people in other countries do not speak our language, they have a different eating habit and they dress differently! Apart from that, my first day at school, first ride on a bicycle, first train journey and my first pet- a dog actually- are all so vivid in my memory. I specifically remember the times I played different games and sports with my classmates and those days were heavenly. Finally, I loved reading books and my visit to our community library, that had a great collection of books, is also a memorable experience from my childhood.

Why my childhood is the most enjoyable stage in my life? - Well, I guess this was the time my inquisitive mind enjoyed everything new I saw or heard about. Reading, going to the school, playing, going out with my parents, learning new things, travelling and so man activities I had in my childhood make it extraordinary. There was no tension, responsibility and I had been surrounded by my parents love. I could ask for anything and my parents were ready to fulfil my wishes. I was in a dream world where no pain or sorrow was usually allowed to enter. My parents were my protector and I was their prince! The family bonding was strong, people cared more about others, they had more time to socialise and life was not that much mechanical that we see these days. The love, surprises, innocence, inquisitive minds, unquenchable thrusts to learning, beautiful surroundings, and worry less life made my childhood even more enjoyable. It was magical and full of wonder. 

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