IELTS Cue Card Sample 489 - Describe someone older than you whom you admire

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe someone older than you whom you admire.

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • what s/he does
  • what he is like

and explain why you admire this person so much.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer 1:
This is an interesting topic and I thank you for the opportunity to talk about someone older than me whom I admire. This would be without any doubt my brother, John, who is five years senior to me. He is my idol, a person I admire from the bottom of my heart and a great friend of mine.

John is an architect and he has been working in a large design and development company for more than 3 years. His academic records are excellent and he is planning to move to Canada next year to further enhance his career. I have got only one brother and that is John.

He will be 30 in this coming November and has shown a great promise throughout his academic life. My parents and John's teachers have always been optimistic about his becoming a great person in life. I am proud of being his younger brother. Last year John had been a team member of a historically important monument design in our country and a news article described all about the project and people behind this. When I saw John's picture in the newspaper, I was quite happy and excited. He is quite handsome and has got the looking of my mother. He is fond of different outdoor sports  and I often play football and volleyball with him. 

John has always been there for me. In my early childhood, he was my best buddy and other children knew that John would always protect me no matter what. In several occasions, John fought for me and I was happy for having such a great brother in my life. Furthermore, he has always been a great mentor and adviser for me. He helped me completing my homework, taught me how to play different indoor and outdoor games and always treated me very kindly. He is a good-mannered and a punctual person and he has tried to instil so many moralities and good habits in me that only a good mentor would do.

My parents were both busy in their professional life and yet they tried to spend their time with us whenever possible. Despite that, I often missed them and it was John who supported me all the time. Without him, my life would have been much difficult and full of loneliness.

I like and admire him for his well-manner, respect for others, great talent and the unparalleled support he has in my life. I consider him a great person who would help a thousand others through his words and works. I personally feel that having a brother like him is indeed a matter of great pride.


Sample Answer 2:
I am a student of journalism at the Murdoch University in Australia. This is really difficult to describe a single person whom I admire but I think Mr. Henry Robinson will be the perfect match here.

Mr. Henry Robinson, the middle-aged person, is a teacher of mine, and he takes the course on investigative journalism. In his career, he was a reputed journalist in his days. Now he teaches journalism at this university. But I adore him for some other reasons. The first and most important thing is that he is able to focus on the deep of any issues and brings out the solution within a short time. Moreover, he is smart enough to deal with unfavourable situations in real-life. He behaves gently with his students and really loves to teach.   

Presently, Mr. Robinson is attached with teaching and before entering into this profession, he used to be a journalist. He has worked for a remarkable number of newspaper and news agencies home and abroad. Most of the times, he was in different other countries as a residential correspondent for the newspapers. He left the job in 2010 and been engaged in teaching as he is unwilling to carry the hard and fast duties of journalism anymore. Besides, there were some other hidden issues that triggered his early retirement from journalism which he does not like to share with everyone. Now he is happy with the students and instructs them how to have an investigative journalism. We are happy that he makes the lessons clear with his real-life examples. 

In his personal life, this well-behaved man is very simple. But he is proud of his large curly hairs and bigger eyes. He looks dashing when he comes to lecture on the class even in his middle age. He is a bit different from the other teacher of my university and loves teaching without books. As a result, the complex issues are made simpler with discussion and participation of the students. Besides, his approach to students is completely different and he speaks in a very lucid and clear voice. Actually, he is able to enchant the audience with his magical voice. Sometimes he also takes part in television commercials and performs as a voice artist.

I admire him so much because of some particular reasons. He is a great man so far I have ever met in every term. He loves teaching and also inspires his students to learn. He never follows the conventional modes of teaching rather he has his own distinctive style. He helps us to understand lessons instead of memorization. There are some teachers in the university who are unable to create a simple relation with the students and bind them in restrictions. But Mr. Robinson is quite opposite in this case. His door is always open for any of the students and he loves advising them even on their real-life problems. Consequently, he has gained popularity among all the batches of journalism. So, it is almost impossible to dislike him for all such reasons.

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