IELTS Essay – Modern Media and its effect on people


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Essay Category:  Modern Media and its effect on people.

Essay Topic: Some people say that modern media has more pros as it informs mass people and connects them. However, there are others who believe that modern media has more negative effects on people. Which group of people do you agree with? 

Sample Answer 1:
‘Media and its advancement’ has been one of the significant changes witnessed by the 21st century. The change is not quantifiable as it is associated with the growth of technology. Mass media has become transformed into electronic and visual presentations, by contrast to the printed form in the early century. Therefore its impact on common people, especially the youth is tremendous.

There are so many changes in the way people interact and participate in the media recently such as the evolution of social media and RSS feeds. People can share their ideas and express their opinion in many ways nowadays by sharing their status and by writing blogs. Undoubtedly this has resulted in quite a big leap in freedom and hence the numbers of abuse cases are also hiking. However, in comparison, it is arguably evident that the advantages always outweigh the disadvantages. Starting from friends and family announcements to the matters of bureaucracy, everything has found its way to reach online media. Sharing photos and videos are trendsetting and this has helped millions of artists across the globe to showcase their creativity through channels and communities in websites like YouTube and Facebook.

It would be insensitive to be deaf at the arguments which say this advancement has infected the life of people by cyber crimes and personal acts of revenge. Additionally, the reach of media into one person’s privacy is also considered to be one of the adverse effects. However, there are safe practices which we can implement while using such services by following a certain code of online conduct and updating computer as well as technical knowledge which in turn might help users to acquire an optimum security. Needless to say, the government should also encourage people by providing them with enough education on a timely basis.

In conclusion, I certainly believe that media and its subclasses have spread their wings across the entire human population and its influence is profound. It is vital to be able to judge ourselves in selecting what’s right and what’s wrong and therefore the argument over the pros and cons are subjective.

[ Written by – Anoop Veliyath Asokan ]


Sample Answer 2:
Mass media like newspaper, television, radio and the internet has significant influence of ordinary people all over the world. Their main objective is to inform people, educate and entertain them, form public opinion, appraise the just and fight against the unjust. They are meant to make the society a better place but this is not always the case and thus many people are worried about the role the modern media plays in our life. I personally believe that modern mass media is already doing great but they have to adhere to the moral and ethics to make an even better contribution.

To being with, mass media work closely to the people and acts as a vigilant to safeguard public interests. They report about social discrimination, corruption and continuously inform people about the current events. The editorials, TV and Internet news play a great role to maintain the power balance in a country. Their significance is immense as people have no other alternatives to get involved in a social cause and raise the voice. In many countries, people rely on media to get an insight of an event and the way media inform people is unparalleled. Moreover, with the help of the Internet, the public has a common platform to express their views.

On the contrary, often modern media is used as a political tool to shape people’s opinion and fabricate the truth. The fake news on the Internet often mislead people and thus create a chaos in our society.

To conclude, despite unethical practices by a handful of media around the world, modern media is still a powerful tool to connect people and work by their side.

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