IELTS Essay – Role of formal examination: positive and negative sides


IELTS sample Essay:

Essay Topic:  Role of formal examination: positive and negative sides.

Sample Answer:
Formal examination is considered one of the most efficacious means of accessing the capabilities of the students so far in various academic institutes. While it has several benefits, it does have multiple downsides too.

To begin with, it provides regular feedback to students which assist them in acknowledging their shortcomings and work on them.

Moreover, it promotes a sense of competition among students, which help them to improve by slogging more than before. Apart from these, it helps teachers determine efficacy of their teaching methods. They are able to monitor and evaluate their teaching strategies. It is rightly said, “A teacher has not taught, until the student has learned”. Therefore, exams reflect the understanding and knowledge of the material taught by teachers.

On the other hand, it has some disadvantages. First among them is the unnecessary stress it brings to pupils. Students usually feels lot of anxiety in days of exam and it takes toll on health of some of them and even in extreme conditions students with unsatisfactory results commit suicide.  In addition to this, it has poor predictive quality; a student is judged in particular conditions and time frame, which cannot be the true picture. Because even some of the bright students are not able to perform up to the mark in stern exam conditions in which they are monitored constantly.

Considering everything, I reckon that formal examination really help students and teachers to evaluate themselves, however there should be some ramifications to make it more amusing task rather than a stressful activity.

[ Written by  – Navdeep Kaur ]

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