Word differences in British and American English


In the IELTS speaking test sometimes candidates try to mimic an accent. But it is always advisable to use your natural tone and neutral accent. You won’t get a good score if you try to mimic a British accent but can’t show the fluency.

British vs american words

IELTS Candidates often get confused whether to use the American spelling or British spelling. But you should not worry about that. Either spelling and words are accepted. But maintaining a consistency is better.

Following is a list of word differences that we observe in British and American English:

     American                  British

  • Cell Phone                      Mobile Phone
  • Math                                Maths
  • City hall                           Town hall
  • Sidewalk                          Pavement
  • Movie/ Film                     Film
  • Pharmacy                        Chemist
  • Parking garage/ lot       Car park
  • Movie theater                 Cinema
  • Antenna                           Aeriel
  • Airplane                           Aero-plane
  • Counter-clockwise         Anti-clockwise
  • Fall                                    Autumn
  • Cookie                              Biscuit
  • Hood                                 Bonet
  • Trunk                                Boot
  • Automobile                     Car
  • Janitor                              Care taker
  • Potato Chips                   Crisps
  • Intersection                    Crossroads
  • Closet                               Cupboard
  • Trashcan                          Dustbin
  • Term paper                     Essay
  • Apartment                       Flat
  • Overpass                         Flyover
  • Yard                                  Garden
  • Purse                                Handbag
  • Vacation                           Holiday
  • Assignment                     Homework
  • Jelly                                   Jam
  • Pitcher                              Jug
  • Attorney                           Lawyer
  • Elevator                            Lift
  • Truck                                 Lorry
  • Diaper                              Nappy
  • Bulletin Board                Notice Board
  • Mail                                  Post
  • Zip Code                          Post Code
  • Bar                                    Pub
  • Dessert                            Pudding
  • Line                                  Queue
  • Railroad                           Railway
  • Call                                    Ring
  • Eraser                               Rubber
  • Couch                               Sofa
  • Underpass                        Subway
  • Candy                                Sweet
  • Cab                                    Taxi
  • Check                                Tick
  • Schedule                           Timetable
  • Can                                    Tin
  • Flashlight                         Torch
  • Vest                                   Waistcoat
  • Windshield                       Windscreen

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  1. I spelled garrage instead of garage. These type of minor mistakes should be avoided in IELTS.

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