IELTS Speaking Partner - Page 6

IELTS Speaking Partner - Page 6

Please submit your details so that others can contact and add you. Find the right IELTS speaking partner you are looking for from this page. This section was introduced to let you find a suitable IELTS speaking partner so that your preparation for IELTS gets to the next level. Having an IELTS speaking partner is a good way to enhance your speaking skill and for building your confidence level for the speaking exam. Best of luck.

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» Hi, friends. I am preparing for IELTS. Anyone who wants to have speaking partners, just join me on Skype. Here is my Skype id -amit.soni5157. Regards - Amit.

» Hi, there! My name is Sara and I'm from Qatar. I'm looking for a (female) speaking partner. My fluency is pretty good, and my English language is good as well. Please contact if you are interested. My email address is "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".

» I need a speaking partner too. My WhatsApp number is 03328326582. Regards - Bilal.

» Hello everyone, I am studying for IELTS and I want to practice speaking. If you are interested just add me. My Skype id is dali.mendez.

» Hi, I am looking for IELTS speaking partner develop my English skills. Can anyone else help me? Contact me with WhatsApp: 994506767474. Thanks. Name: Roman.

» I want to improve my speaking. My present score is 6.0 and target is 7.5. My Skype id: kazi.aminul.hoque. Who wants to practice speaking to get a better score? Please contract with me.

» Hello, I want a partner for speaking part. Does anyone want to join me? If yes, he or she can contact me at my email or WhatsApp number... My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and my WhatsApp number: +923043882165.

» Hi everyone, I am from the Philippines and needed a speaking partner or someone that could help me improve my grades in IELTS. I am available every afternoon. Skype: ecarg17.

» I need a speaking partner and please help me. Anybody, please help me how I can get 7 bands please, please. I need in speaking my all lovely friend. I need videos images please help me. Harpreet Singh. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

» Hi everyone, I need a speaking partner in order to improve my language proficiency & pronunciation. I hope to get 7 in each component. If anyone keen, please contact my Skype: ravi.jadeja07. Thanks in advance.

» Hi everybody, this is the first time that I will take part in IELTS exam. I would like to have more practice especially in speaking. My Skype Id is sashafromgermany and WhatsApp: 07475902299.

» Hey guys, my name is Yash. And I'm looking for speaking partner for IELTS. Interested people, add me on Skype: yashshah_1993.

» I need a speaking partner. Please add me via Skype if anyone interested.  Skype ID: imran.jamil1981.

» Hi, I am looking for speaking partner to enhance my speaking proficiency . Please contact me. Skype id: sajib550.

» Hi, my friends. My name is Danial. Last time l took part in IELTS exam and I got 5.5 in speaking and the overall score was 6. So I am looking for a partner for improving my speaking into 7. My Skype id is: danial.saravani. My phone number 09120205363 in telegram.


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+1 # Jayant Singh Chauhan 2016-10-13 06:10
Hi, there... I am looking for a partner to do speaking practise. I’m from India. I need 7 band score. My email id is , Skype id is - jay Rana. Feel free to add me.
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+1 # Anturaju93 2016-03-17 13:25
Hi, I need 7 for IELTS speaking test. My exam is on 02.04.2016, add me on Skype to practice, ID = anturaju93.
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+1 # Harpreet Singh 2016-01-18 07:26
I got 7 band I need 8 band help me speaking anybody plzzz I found a partner for speaking.
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0 # Reza 2016-01-05 13:22
Hiya, my name is Reza. I am an industrial engineer. My IELTS speaking score was 6.5 and I need to ameliorate it so it would be appreciated if I someone could help me.
skype ID: Reza.sst
Mobile Number: 00989123573450 available on Telegram, Line, and What's up.
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