IELTS Speaking Sample 22

IELTS Speaking Mock Test 22

Part One

Q. Good afternoon. My name is Christopher. Could I have your name, please?
A. Good afternoon. My name is Leon Frederic and you can call me Leon.

Q. What places in your country should a foreigner visit?
A. I am from Belgium and our country has many attractive tourist spots. Brussels, for example, is the centre location in the heart of Europe and an international metropolis that attracts a lot of tourists every day. This is a highly recommended place for tourists and foreigners.

Apart from that, Bruges is another attractive destination which was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. SPA, which is also called ‘Pearl of the Ardennes’ is another tourist spot I would recommend to international tourists. Cathedral of Saint Bavo, Ghent is one of my favourite places in Belgium and I think this is a worth visiting place for any foreigner.

Q. What places would you recommend a visitor to go to in your hometown?
A. I am from Aalst, Belgium. This city has many beautiful places to visit. Belfry of Aalst and Saint Martin's Church are two places I would highly recommend to a new visitor. A visitor should spend a considerable amount of time visiting ‘t Gasthuys - Stedelijk Museum Aalst’ which is an interesting museum in my opinion.

Q. Tell me something about your family.

Q. What do you do in your spare time?

Part 2 - Cue Card


Describe the best present you have received.

You should say:

  • what the present/ gift was
  • who gave it to you
  • when you received it

and explain why this is the best present you have ever received.

Part 3 - Two-way Discussion:

Q. Do you think that present giving will play an important role in  daily life? Why?

Q. Do you think that the brand name is very important for sales?

Q. In terms of the media, which do you think will play the main role in present giving, television, newspaper or Internet?

Q. Why is the divorce rate increasing so rapidly? Is it a problem?

Q. What is your opinion of the one-child policy?

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