IELTS Speaking Sample 23

Part One

Q. Could you show me your identification card, please?
Q. Could you tell me your full name, please?
Q. What shall I call you?
Q. Does your name have any special meaning?
Q. Why do so many people change their names?
Q. Is your name important to you?
Q. Where do you come from?
Q. Where do you live?
Q. Can you tell me something about your hometown?
Q. Can you tell me some famous landscapes or scenic spots in your hometown?
Q. Can you tell me some history of your hometown?

Part Two

Cue Card : " Describe your favourite photograph"
-- Where was the photo taken?
-- Who took the photo?
-- What can be seen from the photo?
-- Explain why it is the favourite photograph for you.

Part Three

Q. How to take a good photo?
Q. When do people use the camera?
Q. How can the new technology put cinema’s skill advanced?
Q. Do you like music?
Q. What kind of music do you enjoy most?
Q. How long do you listen to music every day?

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