Academic IELTS Writing task 1 Sample 127 - British survey taken in 2005 related to Housing preferences of UK people

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Column Graph:

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The following chart illustrates the results of a British survey taken in 2005 related to Housing preferences of UK people.

Write a report summarizing the data shown.

IELTS Academic Writing task 1 sample 127

Sample Answer:
The given bar graph shows data on the housing preferences of UK citizens and this data was taken as part of a survey made on 2005. As is observed from the data, most of the London dwellers preferred flats while detached & semi-detached houses were more popular among the people of Oxford and Cambridge.

As is presented in the bar graph, about 58% citizen of London preferred flats while less than 30% people of Oxford and Cambridge preferred flats as their housing. Interestingly people from all those three cities preferred terrace houses in a similar percentage which is around 15-18 %. Least preferred housing type for London people was detached houses which were preferred by less than 10% of London citizens while this housing type was preferred by about 25% Oxford people and 35% Cambridge people. Finally, semi-detached houses were more preferred by Oxford and Cambridge people (about 27%) and only 17% people from London preferred this sort of housing.

In conclusion, the survey result summarize that, flat was the most preferred housing solution for London people while Oxford and Cambridge people preferred detached and semi-detached housing. 

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+1 # Sukanya 2016-04-01 09:55
The provided bar chart illustrates the housing preference of British people based on a survey conducted in 2005. Overall, most of the inhabitants of London and Oxford preferred to live in the flat whereas Cambridge populace preferred detached houses.

As is observed from the given data, almost 58% dwellers of London preferred to live in a flat while about 15% and 18% of them liked to live in terraced and semi-detached houses respectively. Only less than 10% London dwellers preferred living in detached houses in 2005.

Majority of the residents of Cambridge, approximately 35%, preferred detached houses in this year while 27% preferred to live in semi detached house. Flats and terraced houses were comparatively less preferred among them, around 20% and 18% respectively. Interestingly, around same percentages of people (25-29) in Oxford preferred flat, semi-detached and detached house whereas remaining 18% of their preference was for terraced houses.

In conclusion, housing preference of UK residents had a varying of taste. Flat was the preferred in-habitat for people from London and Cambridge. Detached or terraced houses were quantitatively less welcomed in these two cities while popular in Cambridge.
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