General Training Writing Task 1 Sample 24 - You are organizing a trip to the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You are organising a trip to the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales for a group of students from Perth in Western Australia.

Write to the manager of Student Hostel Services. In your letter explain

  • when you want to visit the Snowy Mountains
  • how long you will stay
  • how many students are in your party, and what accommodation you will require.

Write at least 150 words.


Model Answer 1:

Dear Manager,

I am writing to you to get an accommodation at your Hostel during our visit to Snowy Mountains in New South Wales with our group of Students.

I am John, Lecturer at St Joseph’s college in Perth. We are planning to organise a trip to Australia next month from 2nd May to 8th May, and there we would like to visit Snowy Mountains in New South Wales with our student’s group which is located in Western Australia. We thought to stay at your Hostel during this trip to Australia for one week.

We are the group of 20 students and 3 lecturers; require an accommodation of 5 rooms which is enough for us. It would be great if we can get rooms with attached bathroom and kitchen because some of our students prefer to cook themselves.  

Please let us know the availability of accommodation in the mentioned period and booking details if they are available.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully,

[ Written by - Nishath Begum ]


Model Answer 2:

Dear Manager,
Student Hostel Services, South Avenue -1008

I am writing to seek accommodation in the Snowy Mountains for a group of students from Perth.

We expect to be in the Snowy Mountains between June 1 and June 12. There are fourteen people in our group, five men, seven women and a married couple. The five men will accept dormitory accommodation, and the women are happy to share rooms, but the married couple would like a double room.
We hope to keep our expenses as low as possible.

Please tell me about recreational services in the area. The group will bring their own boots for bushwalking, but we are hoping to hire equipment for other sports, like skiing. Some of our group will want to hire geological picks and other equipment, if possible. We also need to know about access to caves and other interesting geological features in the area.

I am looking forward to receiving information about the Student Hostel Services and other facilities.

Yours sincerely
Adam Smith


Sample Answer 3:

To Mr. Frank,

I have received your contact details from one of my friends who has recently availed your service. He was very positive regarding your hospitality and recommended your hostel situated in Snowy Mountains.

I am arranging a four days trip to Snowy Mountains for the students of Perth public school. We would arrive there on 3rd April, in the morning; however, we would directly go for the site seeing. We would check in the hostel in the evening only. A group of 15 students and me would require an accommodation.

We would prefer a three sharing room as it would be convenient and economical for the students. As we are travelling from Perth, I am confident that the place might freeze us. We would appreciate if we get extra blankets along with heaters in the room. My friend has mentioned that a breakfast is included in the package. However, it would be nice if you could let me know the revised price including the dinner as well.

I expect room availability and price details to be shared via email.

Looking forward to hearing for your reply.



Sample Answer 4:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a student of the St Mary's college in Perth, Western Australia. I and my friends are planning to go on a trip to Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. Really I hope it is a great time to visit there as I heard about the place before. We like to stay in the hostel and we would really appreciate if you could help us on following matters.

We are planning to visit there on 21st of August 2015 and we will stay there until 25th. It is a group of 10 people and we need accommodation facilities for all. Moreover, we would like to have cooking facilities such as a gas cooker, an oven, a heater etc. as we would like to bring vegetables, meat and make the food there.

Our team might go to see snowy mountains for the whole day and only for the night we need these things. For now, we just need these mentioned things only and it would be great if you could let us know what are the other things required for us when we go there and we may bring them on the way to there. So hope to receive a confirmation of booking the hostel and other information.

Best Regards

Ashesha Weerasinghe

[ Written by - Ashesha Weerasinghe ]


Sample Answer 5:

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Rona Lyn Olivar. I am organizing a group of students from Perth Elementary School in Perth, Australia, for a Snowy Mountains in New South Wales because I am their advisor. I am writing to you today regarding the time, stay, our groups and your accommodation requirements.

Firstly, we will be visiting the mountains on the 25th of April and that would next weekend on Saturday. Secondly, I and my students will be staying in your hostel for seven days because we will be conducting a long educational trip in those snowy mountains. Thirdly, my students and I are 31 in total so we will need more rooms to accommodate us. Finally, I would like to ask what are the things your hostel is requiring for our accommodation so that we could prepare those requirements as early as possible?

I am looking forward to your immediate attention with regards to my queries.

Yours faithfully,

R. Olivar

[ Written by - Rona Lyn Olivar ]

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