IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 355 - Many of the diseases which afflict people who do office jobs

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Many of the diseases which afflict people who do office jobs are the direct result of a sedentary lifestyle.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
Nowadays hard labor work dwindles as more people work in offices. Although we suffer less from the pains and tiredness of manual work, we are in fact afflicted by the sedentary lifestyle of office work, as many critics suggest. Personally, I agree with this idea.

For people working in offices, sitting for too long in the soft chair or sofa is the direct cause of a number of diseases. As is often the case, workers in offices tend to deal with their work either by using the computer or by checking documents and writing reports. And all such work requires a person to sit in a chair by a desk for a long time. This will cause backaches, neck aches as few people have a good sitting habit and it is even harder for them to sit properly in a long time. Secondly, sitting for a long time means they cannot exercise their body or simply stretch out their arms and legs often, which results in bad blood circulation and even obesity. Worse still, they can suffer from psychological pressure for lack of exercises that are essential to personal happiness.

However, some argue that sedentary lifestyle in offices is not the direct cause of a lot of diseases. They claim that although office work requires them to sit for long, they can relax themselves and exercise their body after work and at weekends. The fallacy in this argument is that it thinks many people are so energetic that they are eager to exercise themselves after a long day of exhaustion due to their work, not to mention that at weekends people are not always free to do anything they want to do.

In conclusion, it is reasonable to say that sedentary lifestyle of office work is the direct cause of a number of diseases. Work takes up most of our time, and if it does not make enough time and space for proper physical adjustments and relaxation, we will not be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. For employers, they should come up with some useful strategies to deal with the problem.

[by Mcqueen Zhang]

Sample Answer 2:
The number of individuals suffering from various ailments is increasing rapidly around the world. It is believed that majority of people getting affected are those who have opted for desk-bound work. I completely agree that these infections are usually caused as the outcome of stationary workplace. In this essay, we will analyse how minimum movement of the body can result in physical and mental problems.

To begin with, the people with maximum hours of seated work perform minimum body movements. For instance, if individual is working in company with working hours of 9 daily, the most of his awaken time is spent sitting at one place. As a consequence of this, body can become stiff and most if its movement starts restricting with the time. Thus, it is apparent that human body will become weak and hence can be easily harmed physically.

In addition to this, spending most of the time at same location can cause boredom for individual. A good illustration for this is the people who regularly work in front of computer for about 9 hours and after going back home completely avoid turning on Computer. On the whole, staying seated at same place without many motions can make them feel irritated and can affect their mental wellbeing. Evidently, people can lose control over them soon and can cause negative influence towards the society.

Of course, it is obvious that person with immobile jobs are the one who are easily infected with different diseases such as heart disease, depression and so on. In other words, these ailments distress people with unmoving desk jobs. It is thus hoped that companies will sanitize their staff about harms of not taking regular breaks in long working hours.

[by Aqueela Mansuri]

Sample Answer 3:
New era brings technology to feet of human kind. These advances in technology help us to spend our lifetime with sedentary jobs which don't require making movements during working hours and travel between cities. But, unfortunately this comfort in our lives affects our health and cause prevalent diseases. These diseases decrease our happiness tremendously. In this essay, I will examine root causes of these diseases and inform you about ways to avoid them even living in a steady lifestyle.

First of all, mostly seen diseases among computer science professionals are "carpal tunnel" which happens due to excessive usage of mouse during working hours. One of the symptoms of this illness is feeling pain during usage of mouse. Luckily, it could be avoided easily by usage of mouse pad with wrist support. Secondly, many monitoring professionals should require to send countless e-mails and those might end up with joint calcifications because of high rates of keyboard usage. But, this issue could refrained easily by creating scripts in order to decrease keyboard usage or should be minimized by creating template for all necessary e-mails only for once.

Furthermore, each steady workplace employees are in danger of spine issues because of standing still on a chair for hours. However, abstaining from these issues is possible by strolling around in regular breaks and exercising regularly even when you are sitting on your chair. Another disease which could happen because of sedentary life is hernia and it is really common among engineers. Eliminating risks to secure ourselves from this issue is only possible by changing our habits. For example sitting on a yoga ball is on the rise since last decade in order to refrain from hernia. Even if you don't like to use it, you could easily avoid this illness by sitting properly which are recommended by orthopedicians as well.

Last but not least, common illness among steady workers is obesity. This disease is considered as illness of future and it leads to variety of diseases from heart attack to organ failures. But, only underlying reason to become obese is uncontrolled eating habit and it could be easily obtained by regular exercises and following your doctor's instructions.

In conclusion, I believe that lifestyle is a choice and many of aforementioned diseases could be avoided by changing our lifestyles. Due to all of my explanations, I strongly disagree that diseases are not the result of sedentary lifestyle.

[by Demir Olmezses]

Sample Answer 4:
Muscle and skeleton diseases are prevalent among office workers. According to orthopedicians, reasons of these disorders include wrong posture, lacking movement or repeated movements. As an office worker myself who suffer from severe muscle pain, I am totally agree with the doctors and in this essay I will examine the reasons and suggest some measures to combat them.

First and foremost, the main reason for these disorders is wrong posture. Office workers spend most of their times looking at the computer screen with their hand sticking on keyboard and leaning onwards. Sitting in such position can cause the cartilage between two vertebras shift and this condition is known as a very painful disease that can even lead to paralization: hernia. However, this problem can easily be avoided by adopting proper sitting techniques that can be found in internet and learned from an orthopedician.

Secondly, lacking movement and repeated movements can also be accountable for these diseases. Force applied on same bones at same angles or same bones rubbing each other frequently due to same repeated actions can have abrasive impact on cartilages and this condition is known as calcification. To combat this disease, office workers should stroll around regularly, stretch their muscles and bones and refrain from repeated movements.

My personal conclusion is that, muscle and skeleton disorders are inevitable for all office workers who are not aware of proper sitting and overdo some movements. However, measures to combat these problems are divulged to public by orthopedicians and they should be carried out by everyone.

[by Irem Yortanlioglu]

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