IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 409 - Some people work for the same organisation all their working life

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people work for the same organisation all their working life. Others think it is better to work for different organisatios. 

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Give reason for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
In the past, people were more inclined towards working in same organisation for their entire life. Today, different individuals have varied opinion about the work options. Some people prefer working for same company throughout their life, while others believe in switching their companies. Both viewpoints will be critiqued before reaching reasoned conclusion.

On the one hand, there are group of individuals who dedicate their professional life for one corporation only. The primary reason for following this is the stability which can be achieved only by working at same place for longer time. This will not only allow employees to gain thorough knowledge about application, but also increase the chances of recognitions and promotions. Thus, it is obvious that professional life will be at advantage in case he is employed at same industry for lifetime.

On the other hand, there are some individuals who believe that they are benefited by altering companies. This is because such folks can get exposure to different working environments, thereby, allowing them to get trained about different systems available in the market. This can increase the market value of individual, resulting in receiving offers with higher salary, and hence, financial stability can be attained at earlier stage. In conclusion, this will enable individual to lead a successful and secure personal life.

After analysing both the views, it is apparent that varying jobs should be preferred over other since it can provide better family life. Thus, it is recommended that public will keep themselves motivated for shifting industries which can help them to enjoy their life and fulfil family requirements.

[by Aqueela Mansuri]

Sample Answer 2:
Around the world, individuals are highly concerned about their career growth. However, different people have their own opinion about the path for achieving success in their profession. According to one camp, one should be employed with same company for entire period, while other camp considers shifting companies provide job attainment. Both these views will be critiqued before reaching reasoned conclusion.

On the one hand, there are group of individuals who prefer working at same workplace throughout their life. These individuals will have thorough understanding about the existing systems in their organisation and thereby, can be termed as most knowledgeable employee within company. As a consequence, they will be always selected for the rewards and recognitions as well as for the promotions. Therefore, it is apparent that these employees can expect stable progress in their professional life.
For example, a professor working for the same university and getting involved in similar researches would be preferred for bigger research works than those professors who have worked for many organizations in different positions.

On the other hand, some folks consider that changing their corporation promote career advancement. These individuals get opportunity to gather information about various applications used across different organisations and thus, can be termed as multi-talented. This knowledge will not only help them to attract employers towards them but also help them to convince these employers for paying them higher wages, thus, their personal life will be comfortable. Looking at this, it is clear that benefits of switching jobs are difficult to debunk.
For instance, a software developer expert in different platforms and programming languages are better suited for large software companies and their careers often include working in different companies.

After analysing these two outlooks, it can be assumed that sticking to one company for life-long can offer professional growth, but altering companies can benefit both personal and professional life. Thus, it is expected that people will opt for shifting organisations for having prosperous life.

[by Mansuri]

Sample Answer 3:
Many people argue that majority of people prefer to work in one company all their whole life time of employment and this is a better option for employees. However, other group of people would prefer to work for as many as they could work to get diverse kind of experience. I would advocate the latter view for the following three main reasons. First, we need to build confidence with variety of work experiences at our majored field. Second, we need to give us the opportunity to deal with bigger and new challenges. Finally, we need to be familiar with all types of industries to improve our knowledge and scope of learning.

First of all, as I mentioned before, we should build confidence with various kind of works through facing different difficulties. If you work for only one organization during all your life time, it becomes boring and monotonous and you could not challenge yourself on different occasions. Your work will become easier for you and you will not explore your hidden advantages to deal new challenges. Thus if you just adapt to your current work, you won’t be able to build your confidence. Therefore, you need to work with several companies with different responsibilities to improve and experience along with confidence.

Secondly, we need to give us the opportunity to pursue bigger challenges. It is considered that there must be bigger and new chances to expand your view in the new environment. You can meet wide range of people who came from different backgrounds. Therefore, you can learn many things to develop and inspire your mind from them. After that, it is more open to think wider and further to pursue bigger challenges. So you should flourish your development and always bring freshness into your knowledge and experience every single day. I can say that if you have to switch your job in higher position in another company you should grab it. You never know what potentials are waiting for you!

Finally, we need to familiar with all types of products to increase our skill and knowledge at our field. Because there are so many products and works need to familiar. If you want to promote or develop yourself efficiently you should have optimal knowledge about all of them. For instance, if you are a marketing people, there are diverse kinds of products available in the market likely: electronic, consumer goods, foods, clothes, automobiles and others. All products that I mentioned need marketing; however, they all have their own specific features and that means they have different customers and market. Therefore, you need to familiar with all industries products at your field to promote and accomplish your mission.

To conclude, we would prefer to work for different companies that could share us specific advantages to build confidence as well as give us the opportunity to pursue bigger challenges and familiar with diverse kind of industries.

[by Nomio]

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Hello to all, the contents, samples and tips existing at this site are in fact remarkable for people's IELTS test. Well, keep up the nice work fellows.
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+1 # Lee Swet Ying 2016-04-26 07:32
Essay topics: Some people work for the same organisation all their working life. Others think that it is better to work for different organisations.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Sample Essay:
Professional life is part of our life and everyone will have to experience it regardless of the educational and social background. There is argument on the hotly debated issue as to whether a person should work in the same organization until he retires or should he change the job after working for a certain period of time. I would like to discuss the issue from both perspectives.

Some people think that it makes more sense to work for the same organization for a long period. The reason is simple because they enjoy their jobs and have loyalty towards the company they work in. When a job provides a comfortable working environment, the salary is enough to support the life and the person feels comfortable with the job scope, he or she is rarely likely to change the job. People usually feel this way for the government jobs. This is because the job provides them security. They do not have to worry about being fired all of a sudden. When their colleagues are friendly and helpful, they will not think of changing jobs as they would like to learn more from them and contribute to the company.

In contrast, some people think that working for different organizations is better for their careers. In my opinion, it is true that this is one of the ways to enhance our standards of living. This is because when a company head-hunt an employee of other company, this means the boss of that company is looking for somebody who is intelligent and has problem-solving skill to deal with the problems the company is facing. In such a situation, the pay of the job will certainly be higher. This would suit the needs of a person who wants to have higher standards of living. For instance, the turnover rate of an audit firm is higher compared to other field as the auditor always has to work overtime with the excessive workloads. To make the life easier, the auditor will resign and work for a company who would offer higher pay and has lower volume of workloads.

Therefore, it depends wholly on the person’s point of view in term of the needs to determine whether to work for the same organization or change the job. Primarily, if the job offers job satisfaction and the person feels secured working for the organization, there is no reason for him or her to change as changing a job means the person has to learn everything all over again. Besides, he or she has to adapt to the new working environment and make new friends. It takes time for the transition.
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Send essay for band score.
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