IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 561 - People can prepare foods easily and in less time nowadays

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

People can prepare various types of foods easily and in less time nowadays. What contributed to this improvement and has this development changed the way we live?

Give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
In these modern days, makings has been quite simple, by the advancement of sophisticated cooking utensils and equipments, which in turn has changed the livelihood of people to a great extent. I believe that, this change is easily understandable if we look at our daily agenda, as we contribute a lot of time for our profession and other recreational activities.

When we think about being independent, we need to realize that managing time is the greatest challenge we need to face. We all have so many tasks per day, which we need to fit properly into our tight schedules and hence it is very significant that, we are required to minimize the time we need for each activity. Though I agree that, cooking food in a healthy manner is really it is worth to maintain a sound physique, it is very much achievable nowadays, by using equipments like microwave oven, pressure cookers, induction stoves and high flame gas stoves. The world has become more and more competent, for people to live these days, because we need to be more efficient in sparing time in order to carry out our job responsibilities and hence the advancement in never cooking methods has great  effect on it.

Spending time together with family is also very important for the bond between individuals. Being said that, this process of recreation is, for most people; still a dream, as it needs leisure time. The time we could cut down from different daily activities can attribute to this, and cooking is surely one among those. On the other hand, as this trend continues to its maximum, we have been noticing people tend to quit the time for food preparation and instead they depend heavily on fast food restaurants. According to me, this modern day habit is something we need to cease due to its negative effect on our health.

To conclude, I certainly think that, making cuisine is less difficult in this modern era, and it has definitely reduced people's effort and stress; although the increase in number of restaurants day by day is a question which points towards us, as a real threat to generations coming up.

(Submitted by Anoop)

Model Answer 2:
When the world is moving very fast with the new technologies, new equipments have been introduced to make the life easier. This has been effect in food preparation process also. Hence food is one of the major need, people are willing to enjoy different flavors in easy manner time to time.

As mention early, new equipments have been introduced and it will lead to save time when preparing foods. Those days’ traditional methods took several hours to cook foods. Equipments like food processor can use to multiple tasks like blending, chopping, slicing and many more. Therefore preparing foods very easily is not a secret anymore. So the saved time can be used for many other extra activities like studying, entertaining, reading and many more.

Secondly instant foods have been widely spread among people, specially university students and employees who are staying away from families. Instead of enjoying outside foods people are willing to prepare foods for them. By reading the given instructions, instant foods can be prepare even without knowing anything. Even though these foods are not much good for health, still it’s far better than restaurant or outdoor foods. So again live has been change and improved.

Kids are willing to enjoying verity of foods. But modern moms are very busy with the fast running world. They don’t have time to try new foods by themselves. But new life style has been introduced different kind of foods using the same old recipe with new taste. Kids will enjoy these homemade foods as its special gift from their loving mom. Therefore interrelation between family members has been improved eventually.

As a conclusion my thought is while giving priority to healthy wealthy foods people have to prepare them. No matter how far foods have become easier to prepare, if it’s not good for our health ultimate result will not be help to improve people live.

(Submitted by Rukshani)

Model Answer 3:
The cooking has become much simple nowadays. Clearly, it is an art of creativity. I believe, it may be because of the changing food habits and technological advancement in the society.

People adapts to the new changes very easily nowadays. In other words, it can be said as moving lifestyle. In these circumstances, people are in a busy working schedule and they cannot manage old cooking system like smoky wooden stoves. Also there is no space as well as time to spend on it. As a result of this people go behind the easy cooking recipes or instant food available in the market, even the children opt for burgers or pizza.

Next, the technological advancement plays a major role in kitchen. Traditional olden days kitchen are getting totally replaced by the modern kitchens and its equipment with all the facilities like mixer grinder, microwave oven, gas stoves etc. With the use of those, preparation of foods is becoming easier and also time saving.

In the future, as a result of new innovations, cooking robots may be introduced to lessen the work more than we think. Definitely the technological innovation and improvement have made the process of cooking and preparing food easier and that has positively impacted people’s lives. More women now work outside and they can prepare foods after getting back from office. People can spend more time with family members and friends because the cooking needs less time than it used to take. The ready food, improved tools for cooking, easy access of recipes are all beneficial for people as they allow us to spend less time cooking.  

In short, this gives so many benefits, at the same time we should look into our health also for the ill effects.

(Submitted Abhijith)

Model Answer 4:
Art of food preparation, perhaps oldest among all forms of art, is still evolving. It has changed a lot since establishment of human civilization. And perhaps the biggest change has occurred in modern time. Opinion is divided about the impact of this change on our life, while some say it has made our life easier, others feel that society has lost traditional foods and skills. I feel that modern way of preparing food has positive impact on human life.

Firstly, in today's time, time is considered precious commodity. Taking clue from this concept, cooking method has also changed. Nowadays supermarkets have larger sections of processed and precooked food than the fresh produce. This is because our generation finds that processed foods are time savers. One does not need cut, mix and cook from scratch. People think the saved time can be used in more productive and useful way such as spending more time with family on dining table while enjoying food than on preparing the food itself. Therefore, with availability of modern ingredients cooking has become easier and quicker.

On the other hand, recipes are becoming simpler day by day, as no one wants to spend much time in kitchen. Because of this traditional recipes and methods are getting forgotten. For example, nowadays, rarely anybody prepares 'Pua', a traditional Indian sweet, because of its complex and time consuming cooking process. Some people also believe that because of readymade ingredients, the originality of taste is lost. Argument is that one would not find the cake prepared from instant-mix as tasty as those prepared by grandmother at home.
In nutshell, we can fairly conclude that modern way of food preparation is becoming popular day by day because of its simplicity and time saving nature, which in turn has positive impact on our life.

(Submitted by - Ramanuj)

Model Answer 5:
Since the dawn of time, all things developed into more reliable and easier to do fashion including food preparation. For the past years, foods have evolved for us to be conveniently cooked and prepared. It is agreed that foods in easy preparation has improved how every people live. Technological advancement has made the process of food preparation easier. This argument will be proven by looking at how it makes us healthier and connected to our family.

For one, easy food preparation saves time and helps improving our health. For example, Lucky Me and Maggie noodles have a calculated amount of essential elements (e.g. Iron, Calcium and Zinc) and vitamins (e.g. Niacin, Riboflavin and fat-soluble vitamins) that are daily required for our bodies. This makes it clear that these noodles give us the energy and strength we need to do our everyday work. As this shows that modern foods enable us to have a healthy living.

In addition to this, this change makes us more connected to our family. An instance illustrating this in action is that Lucky Me and Maggie noodles require just three minutes to be cooked. Thus, we will be having more time to have fun and help our children's assignments which certainly make them happy. It is obvious from this that it give us a contented living with our loved ones.

The advance cooking devices and kitchen appliance and packet foods are the two blessing for making the cooking process easier. There are many fast food shops that offer instance foods and we nowadays need to spend fewer times on kitchen to prepare and serve foods. This easy process of food preparation is a blessing for us. We already live in an era of tremendous work pressure and the easy food preparation saves a great deal of time for us.

In conclusion, easy-prepared foods make us healthier and allow us to have quality time with our family. It has been proven that this change gives improvement to the way people live. Thus, buying easy-cooked foods are highly recommended.

(Submitted by - Rona Lyn Olivar )



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