IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 22 - A University should accept male and female students equally

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialised knowledge of the following topic:

A University should accept male and female students equally in every subject.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the above statement? 

Write at least 250 words. 

Model Answer 1:
(Agreement: A University should accept male and female students equally)

There is an old saying - 'Give me an educated mother and I will give you an educated nation'. This proverb alone emphasises the issue of women education. Throughout the history men and women both worked together to build a perfect world and whatever stage the current world is in, that has been contributed both by male and female - surely not one specific gender. As university education is so important for the full bloom of one person's merit skill and knowledge, there must arise the equal opportunity for both male and female students. They work side by side as friends but not like competitors. If only men go ahead in education, research, arts, history and women remain backwards then no good can be done. So I strongly support the idea of taking the same number of male and female students in every level of education as well as in the university level.

The history suggests that men are dominant in numbers in science, arts, engineering, creativity and business sectors. But we cannot deny the contribution of Mother Teresa and Madam Merry Currie who have devoted their whole life to the betterment of the world. It is true that if the competition is arranged regardless of gender more male student will be ahead of women. But still, universities should accept an equal number of students. If fewer females hold the important sectors of a country naturally women will feel deprived and this will lead them to compete with men.

It is a mother who is much more emotionally attached to their children and friendlier to children than fathers. So they help the kids about their study. So the importance of female education in the higher level should get a priority considering this single issue.

In conclusion, universities should accept the same number of students from both sex and give the equal opportunity in every level.

(Approximately 308 words)

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Idea Generation for this IELTS Essay:

Essay Type: Argumentative (Agreement or Disagreement).

Main question of this IELTS Essay:

A. Whether a university should admit an equal number of male and female students in each subject?

Agreement: Why universities should accept male and female students equally in every subject.

  1. According to human rights, both genders must be permitted to study on their favourite subject. In some countries, due to religious beliefs and social issues, male doctors are not allowed to become Gynaecologists, and this has increased the rate of mortality and morbidity of cases.
  2. Males and females pay the same rate of taxes, so they must be given similar opportunity.
  3. Students will have a higher level of competition. To achieve higher encouragements from opposite gender, students will have tougher competition than when they compete with the same gender.
  4. This can help both sexes to increase their communication skills when it comes to having closer relationships with the opposite sex. Definitely, students of these schools will most probably have less matrimonial problems in the future.
  5. This will ensure the women empowerment and the society would benefit from this arrangement.
  6. Women in most of the society are underprivileged and this arrangement would ensure their better education and thus contribution to the family, society and country.
  7. If an equal number of male and female students get admitted in every subject offered in a university, more areas of research and employment would be explored by women and that would benefit the country as they would contribute more.
  8. Chances of gender discrimination in the classrooms would greatly reduce.
  9. If fewer females hold the important sectors of a country naturally women will feel deprived and this will lead them to compete with men.

Disagreement: Why universities should NOT accept male and female students equally in every subject.

  1. Physically some areas of work and related study fields are not appropriate for the women and that’s why they would naturally show less interest in those areas of study. For example, a female construction engineer working in outdoor may become frustrated by heavy physical activities that are normal for men.
  2. Sensationally, women are more fitted to some areas of study than men. Nursing is a good example in this case. So women in such subjects should get priority.
  3. It can be costly. Governments have to consider larger budgets for admitting an equal number of males and females.
  4. The level of sexual violence can be increased fundamentally.
  5. Reserved quota for females would be discriminating for some talented male students.
  6. University education should be based on talent and performance, not based on equal gender opportunity.
  7. In reality, the identical number of male and female students in every subject in a university is a fanciful idea that would deprive many talented male students of getting the university education.
  8. A form of natural selection will take place: survival of the fittest; and the end result would benefit us all.

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Model Answer 2:
(Disagreement: A University should NOT accept male and female students equally)

The society and educational system have changed significantly from the old era when it was almost impossible for a girl to study in a university while only boys were allowed to do so. Now a girl can get admitted to a college or university at her wish and merit. A boy has to fight with the girl applicants to get admitted at the university level and in most of the countries the equal opportunity in case of education has been established. There are many cases in a university that women students exceed the male students in many subjects. I oppose the idea of admitting the same number of male and female students in every subject offered in a university bypassing the merit list.

First of all, a university aims to educate people and prepare them for the future and those students would lead the country in the future. If the admission process prioritises sentiments and tries to admit an equal number of female students in each subject, it would not be a good idea for the country. Rather they should focus on merit and there is no harm if more female students can get admitted to the university level than male. The point is merit and qualification, not the gender and if a university is trying to feed the sentiment, it would harm the future.

Second, the important qualifications are the result, talent and merit. Here male & female issue should not be considered. The equal number of male and female students in every subject is a whimsical idea that would deprive many talented male students. Third, since there is no restriction on the number of female students allowed for a subject, they can naturally compete in a fair fight and show they competence rather than being pitied by a policy. Again, not all male and female are equally interested in studying in every subject, they have their own choices. Implementing the equal number of male & female students in each subject would take away the freedom from students to study in their favourite subject. Girls would naturally prefer to study in particular subjects while more boys would want to study in other subjects and the proposed idea would destroy this facility.

In conclusion, the idea of admitting the same number of male and female students in university level in each subject  is not a good idea and the admission should strictly base on choice and merit rather than emotion.     

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Model Answer 3:
(Disagreement: A University should NOT accept male and female students equally)

Around the world, university studies are highly popular and every year millions of students enrol for various short-term and long-term courses. Although most experts emphasise on the requirements to improve the quality of university education, many believe the idea of equal sex ratio is also important. The base of this ideology is in the theory of egalitarianism and is especially backed for women organisations, working for the uplift of women.

First of all, equal sex ratio ensures the burgeoning of respect for each other among both genders. Moreover, this also fuels security, especially, in the minds of women students. To bolster the statement, worldwide university crime related data show low crime against women in universities which have equal or approaching equal sex ratios across all subjects. Some governments have even ratified reservation rules for maintaining a minimum percentage of seat allocation in universities to women.
Secondly, some experts believe that this idea helps to create an environment of diversity where healthy ideas and activities prevail. As a proof, we know that many organisations, especially service industry companies, always maintain a ratio of gender diversity as it has been proved by research that such workplaces produce high standard results.
In my opinion, it is paramount to maintain diversity in university studies to a certain extent as I strongly support the idea of admission based on merit more. While universities should declare a minimum percentage of women students in every course, there should not be any obligation to enrol exactly 50 % from each gender. Of course, I understand some courses like mechanical engineering demand strenuous physical activities, and women students generally do not prefer such courses at all. Hence, there should be enough provisions for exceptions too.

(This model answer was submitted by Rahul Rashu.)

Model Answer 4:
(Disagreement: A University should NOT accept male and female students equally)

Many argue that to avoid any gender discriminations, an equal number of male and female students should be accepted in every subject. This is a very controversial issue however, I hold the opposite opinion.

First of all, I strongly believe that occupations are gender related. There are some tasks that women do better than men. It may not be easy to admit that men, for example, make better civil or electrical engineers. Although not impossible for a woman to be the police or a firefighter, but due to the high physical demand of these jobs very few women would opt to be one. Hence it seems useless to accept male and female students in such fields.

More importantly, I believe that the priority should go to the more capable individual. The aim of all universities should be to accept the best candidate whether it is a male or a female. As a result of this, we would expect to see varying proportions of male and female students in different fields. Men would not be able to compete with women in some fields and vice versa hence overall, this would be a fair approach.

Furthermore, this would encourage all male and female students to try hard to achieve a place. A form of natural selection will take place: survival of the fittest and the end result would benefit us all. The individual with the highest level of capability would be allowed to pursue the career, and hence is more likely to be successful in the future.

To conclude, I hold the opinion that universities should not accept male and female students equally. Using the above-mentioned techniques would be far more advantageous for all of us.
(by Narges Mahmoudi)

Model Answer 5:Universities are the pillars of society which build a sophisticated civilisation in these modern days. Therefore the standard of education should be maintained at an optimum level in order to ensure that the education, as well as the advancement of humanity, happen in the right direction. There are so many people in this world who believes that the admission of students into the university should be based on the ratio of the number of males and females for each major. They advocate that this helps to achieve equilibrium among women and men. Though it's a matter of debate, according to me, I strongly believe that the taking up of  students for each major should be based on the academic grades as well as the interest of people. Also, I believe there are so many subjects which are specifically suitable for a particular gender to outperform the other.

I understand that the whole point of higher education is nothing but the opportunity which is given to each and every one of us, to choose from a variety of fields, a suitable subject, which serves the purpose of interest which in turn will help us to enjoy our future. Pupils often show some sort of talent from their very childhood towards learning a specific subject which ultimately attributes to their career. In this case, I presume the selection criteria should be the skills or grades which they possess in that specific major, should be the most important thing to consider. For instance, a doctor who has passed out of a university ought to have good hard working skills and the interest in that profession, as his responsibility towards people is higher than any other profession. Hence, such a person should be graduated only due to his excellence in that field, not mere the gender reservation.

When thinking about equal reservations to men and women, it is significant to note that, there are many varieties of education branches which are particularly suitable for a certain gender. Though subjects like medicine, business and arts are equally attractive and productive for both male and female students; we cannot deny that the jobs or field of studies which require more of physical strength are best suitable for men. Needless to mention, such jobs are most commonly chosen by boys, nowadays. Being said that, I do think that, the equality in the number of admission of males and females is a very bright idea in some parts of the world, in order to promote women empowerment. For example, certain places in rural India, in states like Haryana and Orissa, it is accustomed that the women of the community are bound to do home duty where they are not allowed to study after secondary education. Additionally, in such areas, we can see that the men in the community work in offices and women looking after their children. I am very sure the idea of equality would serve its purpose when it comes to the matter of women empowerment. Having said that, I certainly do not think that, this practice is of any benefit globally as a standard.

At the end of the day, though both the opinion are valid enough, I shall not agree to the point that, the admission should be strictly based on same number of men and women, rather than grades or interests, when it comes to the global university education pertaining to each major, I insist on implementing such practice to selected areas across the globe.

(by Anoop Veliyath Asokan)
Model Answer 6:
(Disagreement: A University should NOT accept male and female students equally)
Many people argue about the number of university students from both genders are accepted in each program. Some people debate that it is the best to receive an equal number of both sexes in each subject. However, personally, I incline to believe that it should not be an equivalent proportion of men and women students in every discipline. This essay will take a look at this issue from the preference we have in society and a different number of students enrolled in a university.

Preference may be a considerable aspect in determining the subject of the student. Some subjects are generally suitable to the different sex. Midwife, for instance, is only appropriate and has been selected by women only. However, engineering is mostly preferred by men students. Thus, it is hard to make a balanced number of students accepted in subjects especially for those which are mostly preferred by one sex.

Furthermore, the different number of registered students in a university regarding sex might be considerably important. Since the number of male and female is also may not be equal, it does not necessarily worthy to put both men and women students in an equal number for every subject. For example, in engineering faculty, mostly there will be a higher number of men students than women. Hence, it might be complicated to receive an equal number of students when the proportion of registered student is also significantly dissimilar.

All in all, there should be no similar number of male and female scholars in each subject at university. Women may enrol to the same subject as men and reversely, however, it is difficult to ensure the number or accepted students will be equal in both sexes. It might be essentially important to not stress the same quantity of different sex scholars in every single subject in university.

(by Linda)

Topic: Universities should accept an equal number of males and female students in every subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

Model Answer 7:
(Disagreement: Universities should NOT accept equal male and female students in every subject)

Arguments over the proportion of male and female students in different universities have been going on since the practice of teaching began. Despite this, it has disagreed that allocation of seats in universities should be equal between male and female students. This will be proven by looking at how different professions are gender based and how females in certain professions cannot proceed further in their career due to other responsibilities.

Firstly, different kind of professions demands one gender more than the other to cater its specific requirements. For instance, a friend of mine worked as an intern in gynaecology department, which he joined immediately after his graduation and end up with frustration because of the non-cooperative behaviour of female patients. As most would agree, expecting young female patients to interact with male doctors regarding their gynaecology problems would be unrealistic in many parts of the world; the argument that universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students can be debunked.

Secondly, it is easy to see the progressive rate at which females after graduation fail to proceed further in their career due to the responsibilities of looking after children and other household works. For example, a recent study published in Dawn newspaper in Pakistan has stated that nearly 70% of the female students do not practice medicine after completing M.B.B. S. As such a lost would impose an additional burden on the health care system if universities continue to accept an equal number of female students. Thus, this makes it clear that universities should not accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject.

The above look illustrates that certain jobs and certain profession may be more fitted for the different genders. It is thus recommended that regulating bodies of universities should weigh the pros and cons before allocating equal numbers of male and female students in every subject.

[ Written by - Syed Nouman ]

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0 # Kazan 2017-01-25 22:08
Hello, in Islamic countries, male doctors are not allowed to become Gynaecologists, and this has increased the rate of mortality and morbidity of cases. This sentence is not accurate. Kindly correct it because many of the Islamic countries allow the males to study like these specialists subjects and become professionals like Gynaecologists. Thanks.
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+2 # Fatima 2017-01-10 12:08
I think the topic is not clear. Should we discuss the issue of equality of men and women or quantity of men and women in terms of the access to education???
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+4 # Zoviet France 2016-07-23 14:36
Despite the fact put forwarded by some school of thoughts that all universities should enroll the same number of male and female students in each course, I totally disagree with this notion as I believe that both genders have the equal right to get admitted in a university while this policy violates the concept of equal right.

Education at the tertiary level is very important in regards to sustaining and developing the society. At the same time, the intellectual ability of a person in independent of its race, gender, ethnicity and citizenship. So, trying to eliminate some of the potential candidates in order to keep the equilibrium between boys and girls, is something mostly political rather than academic. It should not be allowed at any cost because it is an inhibition of the intellectual development.

Secondly, in this contemporary modern world where freedom and meritocracy are the new mantras; such policies will be detrimental to the democracy of the world. A student should be selected for a course according to his or her previous academic record and devotion to that particular subject rather than taking into consideration his or her gender. For instance, statistics have shown that population in some places of the world consists of more women than men. So, if we go according to the concept of the equal number of boys and girls, unfortunately, we will never be able to keep the balance levelled. Definitely, it's a flawed policy.

To conclude, quality is always better than quantity. Only qualitative initiatives can keep the world modernised and developed.
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+9 # Saira 2015-12-14 16:15
Men and women should be equal in every perspective in this century because this is the era where the strength of intelligence is greater than physical strength. We are all equal and we should have equal opportunities. So I personally and fundamentally agree with the assertion given in the topic that the university should accept equal number of male and female students in every subject for some reasons.

What can be cited first is that, throughout the history men and women both worked hand by hand to build a perfect world. The world we see now was built by both male and female. A further point is that males and females pay equal rate of taxes, so it’s their right to get equal opportunities. A tail ender but mention worthy point is that the outcome of academic differences is economically not good for any country.

Although in the past gender equality in education was a greater issue that required a lot of attention. But now we are living in a hyper connected fast paced world where achieving equity and excellence in education is the goal of education policy. Now in developed countries women and men are doing work together without any problem. And it is very interesting that women are now ahead of men in many fields of life. They are doing work shoulder by shoulder with men and women empowerment ensures the overall progress of the world. Mother Teresa devoted her whole life for the betterment of the world and we cannot deny the contribution of women in our society. To ensure women empowerment we have to make sure that the educational institutes are giving equal number of seats for the women students as well. It is a well established fact that an educated mother can educate her children and hence preserving equal number of seats for women students is indeed a better idea for an educated future generation.

In a nutshell, taking all the aforementioned pros and cons of the given topic into account, I personally opine that to compete with the global world, equal university education opportunity should be provided in every subject for both men and women.
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+4 # Nima 2015-09-25 16:21
This debate has been always existed between different layers of people and had some opponent and compliant like some other similar problem. The gender discrimination among women and men has been recognized as a controversial and complicated subject from many past years ago until this high-tech era. This problem has many different aspects and is rooted in tradition and culture of mankind in different regions therefore I don’t reject or accept this problem easily but I try to describe my opinion with some examples and explanations as below.

First of all, some branches aren’t suitable for women especially in some countries with specific costumes and vice versa. For example civil or electronic engineering are rough branches and needs men moralities till fragile womanlike sense. Or other hands nurses or female doctor especially in some Arab countries are better for women till men.

Second of all, this problem is depend on tradition, costumes, religious, culture, believes and civilization of human of that sphere. In many countries this issue is solved and female do men work together with male and sometimes better than them because of their precision and accuracy. But in many domain such as many Arab countries according to people convictions some branches are only for men, in some universities men and women are separated from each other and educated in different classes and department. In my countries, military services are mandatory for male after 18 years old. If each boy couldn’t go to universities, he should go to military for 2 years hence some universities and colleges don’t accept 2 genders equally in all study fields.

For the last word, as I mentioned before this required an in depth argument before deciding but according to above descriptions, my everyday experiences and observations I think this issue is rooted in religious and opinions of inhabitants of specific area.
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