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As is provided in the first graph, in 1979, the number of people who visited England was almost equivalent to British people who tripped to other countries which were 10 and 12 million respectively. After that, both of those groups swelled up momentously but the expansion of British travellers had more intensity than foreign people’s trend with gentle slope until 1986. In other scenarios after that year, the number of UK inhabitants who went to other countries rocketed noticeably and met 55 million as the peak in 1999 and other procedure amount increased and received 28 million in1999 as the summit.

France had the highest share of British tourists, almost 11 million while Turkey received the least, roughly 2.5 million.

Generally speaking, the gap between the number of visitors to and from the UK continuously grew and Franch was British tourists favourite destination.]]>
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As is observed from the given data, the number of international tourists travelling the UK kept on increasing after 1989 and more UK people travelled outside the UK than the number of tourists they received.

According to the first line graph, around 10 million international tourists toured the UK and the number of UK residents travelled outside the UK was over 10 million in 1979. Both of these numbers kept on rising gradually till 1986 and after that, the number of UK citizens travelling outside increased very sharply. The number of sightseers in the UK kept on climbing and reached to over 25 million in 1999 while more than 50 million British went to other countries from the UK. The number of UK travelers who went to other countries was more than double than the number of people came to the UK for visiting in 1999.

France was their most favourite destination where more than 10% UK vacationists travelled in 1999. The second most visited country was Spain where about 8% of total UK tourists travelled. Other countries visited by the UK tourists were the USA, Greece and Turkey.]]>
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