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Overall, the dimension of the town did not change but some commercial and necessary amenities were built over the period.

It is evident from the maps that in 1948 and 2010, there was no change in the location of a petrol station and residential houses, which were in the north and east sides respectively. However, in 1948, there were many factories in north east direction, which were replaced by the airport in 2010, over the same direction. Furthermore, in 1948, one dramatic change was of the canal, which passed through the middle of the town, was not available in 2010. Besides, in 2010, sports buildings and commercial buildings occupied the place of local markets and church, which were not present in 1948. It is noteworthy that both in 1948 and 2010, the town was surrounded by many trees with many passages for the people to move easily.]]>
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