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There are many advantages and disadvantages to owning a car.

Advantages of owning a car:
First, saving time - for example, if someone has something to do, a car owner can utilise his time easily but it is very tough to do so on a public bus.

Secondly, more freedom - people can have absolute freedom in deciding the schedule and roads to reach their destination. Besides, having a car will give us more convenience in travelling from one place to another. If you have a car you can travel anywhere you want at your own convenient time.

Thirdly, in emergencies- for example, having a car is very useful during emergencies when bringing someone to the hospital or giving a friend a ride at night.

On the other hand, owning a car is not always as good as we think it is. There are also some disadvantages to having a car. For example, a private car is more expensive than public transportation because we have to pay a huge tax, renew the licence so people have to pay more for using cars.

Another point is the traffic issue- because of using more private cars, the density of traffic will increase and the citizens have to stay longer on the roads. In addition, having a car makes the car owner walk less. So overreliance on cars decreases the average health of users as they do not need to do any physical movements.

Though owning a car has some advantages, it has many disadvantages as well.]]>
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