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A glance at the graph reveals that the presence of these two air pollutants was higher in Mexico than the other cities in 2000.

As it can be observed from the graph, the daily level of Sulphur Dioxide in Mexico City varied between 80 and 200 which was significantly higher than that of other cities. While in Beijing the minimum level of this substance was 25 and the maximum 130, in Calcutta this level ranged from 47 to 59 and Los Angeles had the lowest level of SO2 which varied from 1 to 10 only.

Despite it, Los Angeles presented a higher level of N2O than Calcutta and Beijing with 39 as the minimum and 104 as the maximum of Dinitrous Oxide in a day. In Calcutta, it varied between 30 and 52 and, the city of Beijing presented the lowest level that daily ranged from 14 to 54. On the other hand, the average presence of NO2 in Mexican air was the highest of all, between 113 to 207 a day. Overall, it is clear from the chart that Mexico had the highest level of both polluting substances in 200; therefore the air in this city could be considered the worse of them in the period.]]>
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