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Give some reasons why this growth has occurred and suggest some practical solutions to this problem.

Essay Answer:
The population in urban areas are soaring exponentially, and cities are becoming overcrowded, degrading the quality of life. Many large cities are extending their boundaries to suburbs, and rural areas, making cities even bigger. The main reasons behind the growth of megacities and their population are the need for jobs, quality education, and the amenities present in these metropolitan areas. In this essay, I would like to throw some light on such causes and solutions to them.

First of all, let us discuss employment in cities. Due to the unavailability of better jobs in rural areas, people prefer to migrate to urban areas to earn a decent livelihood. This can only be controlled if some major industries or companies are moved towards the rural areas. Secondly, lack of quality education forces people to move towards the cities who care for their future or their children’s education. India could be a good example here. In Indian villages, one can get education only up to secondary or senior secondary level. For higher studies, they have to turn towards cities. The only solution is to set up higher educational institutions in rural areas.

Furthermore, many governmental head offices, big hospitals and many other amenities are available only in larger cities. Decentralizatio n is the best solution for this issue. If rural people get all amenities around them, they do not have to move towards the urban areas.

In conclusion, requirements of facilities, education, and employment must be addressed by the government to cater to this problem. Every problem has a solution if it is handled properly.]]>
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