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[28] From the research project it was found that…
A. all of Okinawa’s centenarians are still living independently.
B. Okinawa has the lowest rate of cancer in the world.
C. over 400 centenarians live in Okinawa.
D. Okinawa has more centenarians than any other country.

[29] Which of the following does NOT contain flavonoids?
A. yoghurt
B. green tea
C. soy milk
D. cranberries

[30] Fats that are good for you…
A. come from meat and dairy products
B. produce no cholesterol
C. are not found in vegetable oils
D. are found in avocados and almonds.

[31] Okinawans believe that it is advisable to…
A. eat less, 8 meals out of 10
B. eat smaller, more frequent meals
C. stop eating before you are full
D. eat until you are full.]]>
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