IELTS Cue Card Sample 236 - Describe a decision that took you long to make

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a decision that took you long to make.

You should say:

  • What was it
  • When you had to take it
  • Why it took you so long

and explain how you felt after you took your decision.

Sample Answer:
After finishing my graduation, I applied for few jobs and luckily I was offered a job in a large company. The work environment, the environment, the learning facility, salary structure and management were very good and I was very satisfied to work there.  When I had to decide between continuing my job and doing my Masters, I was so perplexed that it took more than one month to decide which one to pick. The M.Sc. program offered by the university required a student to attend the classes at day time and that contradicted my office timing. I had to pick one of these two options and my parents wanted me to finish my M.Sc. first.

I felt like having a great dilemma and had to think a lot to decide. The time I spent to decide what to do took a long time mostly because I was not sure which one should I put more priority: job or study? My parents were in favour of study when some of my friends advised me to continue the job and then getting enrolled in an evening Master’s program. This dividend opinion and advice made me more confused. Another reason which caused this delay of taking the decision was the time I had in my hand. I was not bound to decide in a day or in a week since I had one month’s time in my hand to decide. I had many different thoughts in this period and sometimes I thought of continuing my job while in other time I thought to put more priority on my regular Master’s degree.

After I decided to continue my job and doing the masters in a different university that offered an executive M.Sc. program, I felt like a heavy burden had fallen from my head. I talked to my parents and finally, they agreed that doing an Executive Master’s Degree would not be a bad idea. I felt great as I loved the job that I had. I felt good as I had been able to continue both of the important things I had at that time.


Alternative Answer:
My decision to move to the capital city alone for my high school education took a very long time. My father was a government service holder and we used to stay in an urban area which was far from the capital. After I did a promising result in my primary level, I started dreaming about studying in a really big and reputed school in the capital city. I was in a position to decide either to abandon my dream or to leave parents and siblings. I was around 10 years old at that time and could not decide which option I should pick.

My mind was oscillating and I was in a great dilemma. I did not want to leave my beloved and dearest family members but on the other hand, I could not discard my dream of getting admitted to a well-established school. It took me almost 1 year to finally decide and it was a tough decision to make for an 11-years-old boy. I planned to move to the capital city with two other classmates I had and I planned to spend all of my holidays at home.

I felt good about my decision. I started feeling the necessity of reading in a good school and at the same time, I missed my family members. Initial few days were very tough for me. I got bored sometimes for being very far from my known world but that helped me to concentrate on my studies more. I chose my study as my salvation of homesickness and boredom.

Deep inside my heart, I knew that I made this sacrifice at an earlier age for a greater good and someday I will get the result of my sacrifice. I knew I had to go ahead and someday I will be able to be with my family members again. Still, now I feel that it was a very thoughtful and prudent decision though it took me a whole year to decide.


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