IELTS Cue Card Sample 261 - Describe a celebration when a number of guests came to your place

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a celebration when a number of guests came to your place.

You should say:

  • When it was
  • What you did
  • Who came

and give details of the celebration.

Model Answer:
Thank you very much for the topic. There are many occasions that I remember when people came to our houses and among them I would like to talk about my younger sister’s birthday occasion when more than 50 guests came to our house.

It was two years ago and I went to my home time three days before my sister’s birthday to celebrate the occasion. It was the mid-January and I had some day offs at that time. I planned to stay for a week there. Initially, my thought was that the birthday would be strictly a family celebration and no other guests would be present. But after I reach home, I learned that many people have been invited and my family is arranging a big party for the birthday occasion.

I went to a nearby shop to buy a gift for my sister as well as any last moment shopping needed for the party. I also bought some fancy items to decorate the house and bought a new dress for my sister. I helped my father on some of the pending tasks regarding the party and went to invite 3-4 of my friends. On the celebration day, I greeted many guests, made sure that they have been offered relaxing places to sit and talked to many of them. When my sister cut the birthday cake, I took lots of photos and finally helped my family members to take care of the guests.

More than 50 people came to the party including some of our relatives, neighbours, my sister’s friends and 2-3 of my friends. Amazingly I found some of the relatives who I have not met for a long.

The feast for the birthday celebration was in the evening and guests was supposed to have dinner at our home. The guest started coming from the early evening and we greeted them. After 1 hour or so, my sister cut the cake and we enjoyed a light food then. The guests enjoyed their stay and some of them gossiped, some of them watched TV and many of them were sitting in different places of our house. At the dinner time, we served the dinner to the guests. The social gathering was the most important part of the party and people seemed like enjoyed each other’s company. At around 9:00 pm people started leaving our home and once again we greeted then and thanked for their time and lively participation.


Tips for answering this Cue Card topic:

For this cue card topic, you can talk about any occasion when a number of people (guests) came to your house to participate the celebration. It can be a birthday celebration of any of your family member, a party thrown by you or your parents, a religious festival, a social gathering for a newborn. Since the cue card is about a celebration when the guests came to your place, avoid circumstances like a funeral, social visit to see a sick member of the family as these are not considered as the celebration.

First, say the occasion and if this is not a very common occasion like birthday party, give some details of it. Then say when it was, why this celebration was held, where it was celebrated, your idea of the celebration and say your part of the arrangement of the celebration. After that give details of the guests who came at the celebration. Mention in brief what they do, how you greeted them, what was their observation of the celebration etc.

Finally, you need to give details of the celebration and in this part, you can give the details of the celebration from a different perspective than the things you have already said. For instance, in this part, you can mention why your family planned to celebrate it, how you selected the guests, what type of invitation you sent, and a brief detail of the whole celebration.

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