IELTS Cue Card Sample 284 - Describe something you often do when you are not working or studying

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe something you often do when you are not working or studying.

You should say:

  • what you do
  • where you do it
  • who you do it with

and explain why you do it.

Model Answer:
I often browse the social networking website Facebook and write for my blog when I do not have studies, approaching exams or other important tasks. I use Facebook to update my status, to share the news or photos, to know the updates of my friends, to chat with them and to be on a platform where most of my friends and relatives are connected.
I also have a technology & hobby related blog where I write blog posts, answer questions asked by visitors and moderate the guest blogging. I usually do it on my laptop or on my desktop computer. I sometimes use my Facebook account from my mobile phone. But for the blog writing and moderation, I rely on my desktop computer.

I have two friends who help me updating my blog. They often give me blog post ideas and help me on some tech websites references as well. They do it from their homes and they communicate me either in computer chatting or in my mobile phone. For Facebook surfing, I absolutely maintain my website all alone as it is a personal account. But on Facebook, I have lots of friends, relatives and classmates who correspond me online.

I find Facebook to be the most widely used social networking platform and most of my friends, old classmates, and relatives are connected with me. For me, this is the place where I can get updates of all of my friends and people who I care about. In terms of communications and update sharing, Facebook is the best platform and that’s why I use it.
Besides, my blog is an important place for me to write technological and hobby-related information. A blog that has a good number of visitors per day is a great resource for anyone. For me, this is the place to share my knowledge, and for that, I need to read a lot which is very helpful in our professional and personal life. For all these beneficial aspects and the passion I have, I do it often.


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