IELTS Cue Card Sample 296 - Talk about an important day in your life

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Talk about an important day in your life.

You should say:

  • when was it
  • what happened in this day
  • was it a positive or negative day for you

and explain why this was an important day for you.

Model Answer 1:
My first day at my university is an important day for me. That was so much enchanting and inspiring for me that, it became one of my most memorable events in my life. I consider this day to be a very important day in my life because of its significance to shape my future.

I got admitted in an Engineering University of my country where mostly rich people send their kids for study. I was enrolled in this university because of my academic record and being one of the merit listed students. It was 2006 and I went to my university on 12th January. I noticed that most of the students were dropped by their parents and I was very few of the students who had to take a shared bus to reach the university campus.

I went to stroll around the campus as it was the orientation day and no classes were scheduled for that day. All of a sudden I found myself talking to me and I was taking some oaths myself. One of those oaths was that studying would be the top most priority for the next 5 years of my life. I was also determined that I would not get involved in kind of politics and riot groups and would solely focus to make an impressive academic record. I visited the library, labs, classrooms, auditoriums and all those massive and beautiful constructions and facilities inspired me a lot. In fact, his was the day when the realisation hit me that I have a good opportunity ahead of me and I have to devote myself to grab this opportunity as much as possible. In terms of the significant determination, I gathered that day, it was, in fact, a very positive day for me. Very few moments and events stirred me so much to take this short of self-vow and oaths to change the future.


Sample Answer 2:
I would say this is an interesting topic to talk about. I would like to tell you about an important day in my life, why I consider it as an important day, what exactly happened, who were with me, how old I was then, how I felt and why I still remember that day.

I am 28 years old now and working in a financial institution as an assistant manager. I love my work and have no plan to switch this sector. To me, one of the most important days in my life was the day I got admitted in my university. Just after I finished my A-level study, I though to do my graduation majoring Finance or a relevant commerce subject. I guess I was 18 years old when I got admitted in the (...say university name...). I consider this day was quite vital as it determined many future events and aspects in my life. The current job I have, the possible future career I will have, the way I will lead my professional life and many other important aspects of my life were heavily influenced and affected by the day I got admitted to  the university and the major field of study I picked. From this perspective, I consider it as a very important day in my life.

Early morning on that day, I got up at 6.00 am my father took me to the university. I waited for approximately half an hour before I was called to face the interview board. After a through discussion, they asked me which major I would like to take. My options were finance, marketing and business studies. I was already determined to take finance as I let the professors know my choice. They congratulated me and asked whether I have bought necessary papers for the admission. I told them "Yes, I am ready and have bought all the necessary papers for my admission.". Then I thanked them for the opportunity they gave me and my interview was complete. Then I went to the admission office of the university to complete my admission process. This whole time my father was with me. We had our lunch outside and returned home at 3.30 pm.

The whole morning I felt very anxious about my admission. When I finished my admission process and got my favourite subject as the major, O felt quite relieved. After the  lunch, I walked few blocks inside the university campus and I was very happy and excited at that time.

I noticed that my father was also very happy after he heard from me that I am now allowed to get admitted. He did not look relaxed in the early morning and I am sure he too was anxious about my admission in the university.

I will never forget this very special day as it was the day for a paradigm shift in my life. 


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