IELTS Cue Card Sample 337 - Describe a place where you would like to have a home

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a place where you would like to have a home.

You should say:

  • Where is it
  • What the place look like
  • how you know about this place

and say what work you will do if you live there.

Model Answer 1:
Well, today I want to speak about the place where I would like to have a home. Firstly I want to say that I am that kind of person who enjoys living in the countryside. High-rise buildings, bumper to bumper traffic, incessant roar of buses, industrial zones which give me urban life cannot make me feel blissfully happy as peaceful countryside's life with its well worth seeing the landscape and the clearest air without any exhaust fumes.

A place where I would like to have a home is one of the islands of Greece, Santorini. It is a place with breathtaking scenery where sandy beach stretches along the skyline. Santorini is a city of quaint old buildings surrounded by narrow cobbled streets, where the update has been kept old traditions. The majority of buildings in this area are covered by white and blue colours, what gives to the city spectacular view.

If I am not mistaken a few years ago while watching a TV program I heard some information about this place that impacts me and then I started to search something about this city on the internet.

Actually, my dream came true last year, when I travelled to the Greece and could see this wonderful place which was much more attractive than I used to dream. If I will get a chance to have a house and lived there, I am going to accept it and run over there once and for all. I think I can set up a business there and make a big money. Feeling stream winds, walking on golden sands, and every day watch at the panoramic beach that interflows with blue horizon can be the essential reason why I will choose to live there.

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Model Answer 2:
Living in the present days, especially at a calm and quiet place has become difficult. It is because of the extended population across the countries. But still, there are some serene places where one can make a home of own to lead a happy and peaceful life. I will describe such a place from New Zealand.

Invercargill is one of the most prominent cities of New Zealand. Despite being a city, this is the place where one can find the peace of mind. This is one of the southernmost city of the world as well. The city is encircled with plains and rivers and thus has got an attractive look. The city has stunning streets and places for the citizens. On the other side, the rate of troubles is reduced in this city. It appears to me that this is a perfect city for a peace loving human like me.   

The entire locality is filled with calmness. The streets are nicely decorated and take various looks in seasons. Furthermore, the city has some rich farmland and they also provide a stunning view from a distance. The large conservation lands are the other feature of this city. Besides, this is a commercial centre for the Southland region where a good number of people come to shop their daily necessaries and also marking various occasions. The beautifully decorated streets are named after the rivers which are also attractive. The place also contains a less population than it was supposed to be. As a result, the city is not crowded like the other cities. Moreover, the citizens are peace loving and do not get involved into any unwanted troubles. They abide by the law completely. The transportation system is also advanced and accessible through various routes railway, road and air links. Everything is in the right position of this city which has increased the beauty of this gorgeous city, naturally.       

I first came to know about the place through the internet. In fact, I had been seeking a suitable place for me and my family to settle down in out my native land. As a result, I had been looking for a suitable city or place where I could live happily. While I was searching for New Zealand, I came to know about the city. Actually, this is one the top cities of the country to live in happily. The features and natural beauties have attracted me. I have already visited the place several times and decided to buy some suitable places for my home. If everything goes well, I would be able to buy a piece of land in the city by June next. Then I will start for building my two-storied home for me and my family.    

Yes, definitely I have to do something for living there. So, I have planned to continue my current business there. In fact, I own a medium-sized coffee shop in Sydney. But this is a very noisy and crowded place now. So, I have planned to shift from here and run my coffee shop in Invercargill. I have seen several coffee shops which are unable to meet the growing demands of the people. So, I have got a new plan and I will implement that with the coffee shop. Therefore, I think working will not be a problem for me. I think the local people in the city will support me for my decent living.


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