IELTS Cue Card Sample 442 - An item of clothing you purchased that you did not like

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an item of clothing you purchased that you didn’t like.

You should say:

  • what the clothing was
  • from where and why you bought it
  • what colour and style it had

and explain why you didn’t like it.

Sample Answer 1:
Well, that’s an interesting topic to talk about. A few months ago I purchased a tie that I’ve never used and did not like it just after I brought it home. I bought this tie from a street market near the city shopping mall and it cost me around 7 dollars. In my office, we are allowed to wear casual dresses on Thursday. However, we are required to wear complete formal dresses on Monday and Tuesday and tie is mandatory on these two days in office. I purchased the tie specifically to use it in my office.

It was a blue colour tie with vertical white stripes all over it. I have had three ties and none of them had any stripes on it. I thought the striped tie would add some variations to my tie collection but unfortunately, I did not like it at all. Surprisingly I liked it when I picked it from the shop but as soon as I tried it at home, my disliking grew for it.

Since I bought it from a street market, I did not have the chance to trial it before purchasing. I chose it as it was and after I wore it at home, I found that it was shorter in length than usual. The making of the tie was poor and the stripes did not match me at all. After that, I thought to return it but it was quite impossible as the street market sellers often change their locations. Honestly speaking, I liked the colour and style of this tie but the poor making ruined it all.

I still have this tie at home and I have no intention of wearing it ever again. This purchasing experience taught me a valuable lesson – never purchase an item of clothing too hastily and without actually trialling it first. I will perhaps never buy a tie from a street market.   

Sample Answer 2:
Recently my trip to Singapore was a great one and I had the chance to shop in the traditional street markets of the country. I bought a pair of jeans pant from a market there but that appears a bit faulty now.

In fact, I went Singapore with my family to pass the Christmas vacation and meet some other relatives living in the country. To celebrate the Christmas, my dad took me to the street markets and bought me a couple of clothing at a moderate price. But before the purchase, he told me to check the item I am to buy as often the items appear faulty. He was right. I found a small hole in both of the pants and they are on the hip pocket. It seems that the holes have been made by any insect cut. When I wear them, they look really unpleasant and brings a sense of discomfort on me.

Singapore is a popular tourist destination in Asia. Besides, some of my intimate relatives are there. In fact, my dad migrated to the USA from Singapore while my grandparents are still living there. So, whenever we have any vacation, we move for Singapore and we do not miss the events like Christmas. We moved Singapore on December 23 and my dad took me for shopping on the next day. He prefers the street markets as those are the place where one can have the best things. But you are to select the pieces carefully as the sellers often try to deceive the customers about the price. From the Chinatown Street Market, I bought the pair of jeans pant. They seller asked for a higher price than the usual one but after a lot of bargain, he agreed to sell the pants after my price.

I liked the pants as they were different in colour and style. The jeans pants were the combination of dark blue with a light shade of grey. So, they looked different. Besides, they were skinny. So, I thought they would suit me best. Further, they attracted my attention while they were on display. The sewing, the fabric etc. were fine. So, I decided to buy the pair. But my dad asked me to check for something else. But I argued with him and replied that I liked the colour and style of the pants. Usually, most of the jeans pants come with a zipper but this was a bit different. Instead of zipper, it had bottoms which I have never used before.

I was so excited that I forgot the advice from dad to check the pants carefully. After returning home, I discovered the holes in the pockets. But now I had nothing to do. The seller would not refund the price and actually the do not have such refund policies as well. Moreover, the waist size did not match with me. I have waist of 27 while pants come with the waist of 29. They were larger than me and I do not use belts with my pants. So, it was hard for me to adjust with the jeans pants. Hence, I started feeling irritated with the pants. Finally, I had to donate the pants to a charity fund which collected clothing for poor people. Indeed it was a bad buy for me this time.


Part 3: Two-way discussion

Let's talk about clothes...
1. What kind of clothes do people in your country usually wear?
2. How important is it to wear fashionable clothes in your country?
3. Do older people and younger people wear different coloured clothes?

Now let's talk about spending money on clothes...
1. Are clothes expensive in your country?
2. Do people wear more expensive clothes to work in your country?
3. Do you think people spend too much money on clothes nowadays?

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