IELTS Cue Card Sample 455 - Describe a meal you invited others

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a meal you invited others to your home or restaurant.

You should say:

  • who you invited
  • where and when you ate this meal
  • what you ate

and explain why you invited the person(s) to have a meal.

Sample Answer 1:
Well, for this cue card topic I would like to talk about a buffet meal I arranged in a restaurant where I invited 5 of my colleges a few months ago.

I invited 5 colleagues from my office who are very close to me and indeed nice co-workers to work with. They helped me a lot in many events and all of them are very friendly. When I was promoted to a senior executive in my current office a few months back, I thought to treat some of my colleges and I naturally chose these five persons. They were John, Eric, Stephen, Anny and Bikash.

I threw this treat in the ‘Royal Case Inn’ that offers the best buffet meals in the town. This place was only 20 minutes away from our office and we had our lunch there on Monday. The restaurant was o the 18th floor and we went there at around 12:45 pm together from our office.

There were plenty of food items for us which were included in our buffet lunch menu. I can recall more than 30 items were presented in the restaurant for the customers.

We ate different food items based on our own choices and tastes. Some of the items which we all ate were Thai soup, fried rice, mixed salad, mutton curry, gravy fish items, opinion mixed fish and ice cream.

 Usually, it is a common practice in our office to treat others whenever someone gets promoted. As soon as I got the confirmation letter about the promotion from the higher management, those colleges congratulated me and reminded me the treat. I was very happy to have been promoted as a senior executing in this multination company and threw this meal to celebrate.

Sample Answer 2:
I was born and brought up in a family in India where all the members love to entertain people, especially the guests. So, I inherited the nature from my early childhood and love to entertain people as well. Last month, I invited some of my colleagues to be my guest at my home in Mumbai.

I have joined a local company dealing with toiletries in the local market of India. I have been working with the company for past two months and the most junior employee at the workplace. As I love to socialise, I invited some of my colleagues to take a lunch with me. I wanted to hold the lunch at a restaurant but they denied and wanted to meet my family members. In fact, they took me as one of them cordially and thus wanted to grow the relationship. As part of their plan, I asked them to join for a lunch at my house.

I live with my parents and other family members near Marine Drive in Mumbai. Luckily, the members are liberal and free from all sorts of superstitions. So, the other families living nearby, irrespective of religions, have a very good relation with us. When my mother learnt about the invitation, she was glad to cook meals for the guests. But some of the invitees were non-Muslims and thus they required some special types of foods. Hence, my mother decided to prepare something special that could be taken by all. On the scheduled day, my colleagues arrived at my home. They were eight in number and brought lots of sweets and seasonal fruits with them as it was their first visit at my place.

My mother prepared the traditional chicken biriyani for the guests. Since some of the colleagues did not take beef while the rest had troubles with pork, my mother made a great solution. The chicken was edible to all. So, she prepared the items with chicken to avoid any controversy. Everyone was glad about the menu. Besides, she also made chatni, borhani – a spicy drink, chicken kebabs, fish cutlets, plain rice, different smashes, and chicken curry. In fact, I informed her that some of my colleagues do not prefer rich foods. Accordingly, she arranged several items for them but everyone was allowed to taste those. My colleagues took the meal with great satisfaction.

Socialising is a habit for me that I have been cultivating since my childhood. So, I love to mix with people and entertain them. In fact, this is a tradition of my family that anyone who enters into the compound should take something, at least aa glass of water. Hence, my nature has turned so, I love to socialise and invite people at home. Besides, when someone visits me, a cordial relation between us develops. I know the importance of a good relation and how it impacts on situations. Considering all the aspects, I invited the colleagues. But it appeared that they were more cordial and socialising than me. Earlier, I took pride in my such behaviour but they proved me wrong. They took me for granted as a trusty colleague and had met with my entire family. The pleasures I derived were precious indeed.


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