IELTS Cue Card Sample 86 - Talk about a new law you would implement

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Talk about a new law you would implement where you live to make it a better place.

You should say:

  • what law will it be?
  • Will it be easy to introduce such a new law?
  • Will it be popular?

and what the benefits of such a new law would be.

Model Answer:
The place I currently live in is a big city called (...say the name of the city or area you live in…) and it has got lots of problems and issues which need to be addressed. We have lots of laws and rules and many of them need amendment and better implementation. If I am in a position to impose a new law to make my city a better place to live in, I would make a new law that would make it mandatory for every house owner to plant at least 10 trees in their area and would prohibit cutting any tree unless permitted by the law enforcing authority.

A country should have at least 33% trees and forest of the total area for a natural balance in the country and the existing percentage of trees and forest in our country are alarmingly lower than that. Particularly in our city, this rate is almost less than 5% which makes it an imbalanced city to live in. It is not easy to enhance the forests in this city as it is a populated city and has very minimum open space. So making this rule a mandatory one would help us make the city greener and better.

Currently, most of the house owners do not have trees in their premises and there are places where this can be done. So if every landlord of the city plants some trees and takes care to grow those properly, that would improve the environment of the city. Moreover, the house owners should not be free to cut any tree whenever they want. They need to take permission and give proper reasons if they really need to cut any tree.

This would not be an easy law to implement. Lots of house-owners would not be interested in following this newly implemented law and would complain that there is no spare space for doing it. However, if the law is implemented and imposed, over time that would be achievable. Once the consciousness and necessity are understood and we start feeling our obligation towards the Mother Nature and our society, many people would feel the importance of it.

This new law would have a great number of benefits. There is no alternative than to plant trees and keep the environment healthy and this law would make our city a better place to live in. 

Tips for talking about this Cue Card topic:

For this cue card topic, you should speak about a new law that will do better to your community and to the people of this community. Do not talk about a law which is already enforced in your area as this cue card asks you to talk about a new law you would like to implement to make your community/ area a better place. First, mention the exact law that you would like to introduce and then mention the reason you would like to implement it.

Introducing a law which is politically controversial is something difficult and if your law is going to make your area a better place, people would embrace and welcome it. So mention that in term of obeying this law by people is not a problem but the law enforcing authority and government must show their good will to have it implemented and abided by.

Since you are asked to introduce a law that would benefit the people of your area, you should mention that it would become popular. Also, mention that a portion of the people who are involved in crime and making black money might not easily accept this law but the mass people would heartily welcome it.

The benefit part should be based on the problem it would eradicate. Let’s say if it is related to traffic law, mention the improvement the traffic system in your locality would have by implementing such law. If the law is related to street crime, mention that the new law would diminish such heinous crime.     

Following are some of the law ideas to help you talk about this cue card topic:

1. Energy saving: Commercial markets must close the business hour in the early evening.
2. Drug issue: Anyone related to selling drugs would not be allowed to live in your community.
3. Traffic issue: Each private car must have at least 3 passengers in it to run in the street. / No one would be allowed to park a car in the street and doing so would be severely punished.
4. Crime issue: Carrying knife, bomb, gun or any such materials would be prohibited.
5. Economic issue: Taking the VAT documents with a purchase is a must.

Please bear in mind that you are asked to introduce a new law that would benefit the people of your area. So you should not introduce a law at your will. That should be based on the problems that you think persist in your locality. Let’s say, if drug abuse is a severe issue in your area, you should mention a law that would actually control it. Likewise, if there is a great problem of electric load shading, you should mention the law related to energy saving.   

Your ability to talk about this cue card topic would also help you answer the following cue card topics:

1. Describe something you would love to do for your locality.
2. Describe a problem your locality has.
3. Describe a law that would make your community a better place.
4. Describe a law that you like.

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