IELTS Cue Card Sample 89 - Describe an unusual or interesting thing you did recently

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an unusual or interesting thing you did recently.

You should say:

  • where you did it
  • When you did it
  • Who you dis it with

and describe why it was unusual or interesting.

Model Answer:
A few months back while our visit to a friend’s hometown, all of a sudden a friend proposed us to go inside a nearby forest and have a picnic there. This was a plan proposed by Arnold (...say one of your friend's name...) and 4 of our friends agreed to do so.

This was a bit dangerous as people scarcely go inside the forest and from the local people we have heard different scary and wild stories about this jungle. Our main attraction was the abandoned house inside the jungle and we planned to do the picnic there and take photos of wild lives and the abandoned house. We knew that my friend's guardians won't permit us to do that and hence we planned not to let them know about it upfront.

On a Thursday morning, we left the friend's house and bought the necessary ingredients, vegetables, foods and other things that would be required for us to do the picnic. We entered inside the jungle and to our surprise, the inside was much more open and beautiful than we thought it would be. With some difficulty, we reached near the abandoned house and spent time till the afternoon. This was a very exciting and unusual experience for us. We collected some woods and made an arrangement for cooking. We eat the food we cooked and that was horrible in taste. However, we were looking for the adventure and interesting stuff so a bad food did not kill our spirit. We could not enter the abandoned house as it was blocked and very fragile. We took several photos of the place and we notice some of the wild animals were observing us with suspicion.

I have to confess that was a bit dangerous and imprudent thing to do but we enjoyed our interesting and unusual picnic inside a forest.

Tips for talking about this cue card topic:

For this cue card, you can talk about anything you recently did which is usually uncommon for you or was interesting in your opinion. Some such activities can be:

Mountain Hiking.
Taking part in a rally.
Walking in the street at midnight.
Reading a ghost story.
Visiting a friend from school.
Eating street and junk foods.
Watching movies with friends.  
Or absolutely anything that you enjoyed.

After you decide what you are going to talk about, take notes of the following points like the following style:
What  I did?:  Took part in a social welfare rally.
Where?: In my hometown. The rally started from the City town and ended at the 10th Avenue. It was 2 hours long.
When?: I was 24 years old and it would be probably 1 and a half year ago.
With whom?: My friend Michael was with me. Later I found John in the rally and he then joined our line.
How was it? :  A completely new experience for me; I was feeling really good; That was for a great cause and I felt proud. This was bit unusual and I enjoyed doing it.

Now that you have the key points on this cue card, you would be able to describe these events and points in details. Being able to cover all the questions asked for a cue card is one of the most important factors for getting a high score.

Your ability to answer this cue card topic would also help you answer the following cue card topics:

1. Describe an outdoor activity that you recently did.
2. Describe an interesting thing you did.
3. Describe a rally or meeting that you participated.
4. Describe something interesting you did with your friends.
5. Describe an unusual thing you recently did.    


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