IELTS Cue Card Sample 124 - Talk about a sport in your country

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Talk about a sport in your country.

You should say:

  • what sport it is
  • is it well developed in your country
  • what is the most popular sport there

and explain how the sport/ game is played.

Model Answer:
Football is a very popular sport in our country and a great number of people play this game. In terms of popularity and people's love for football, I would say it is well developed in my country. We have some major football leagues each year and big teams participate in these games. The number of people who watch the game in the stadium and on TV is huge. The ordinary people play this game in the morning and evening and they really enjoy it. Most of the people of our country know the rules of this game and they play it whenever they get time.

Though a large number of people play football in our country, cricket is the most popular game here. Our cricket team is one of the ten test cricket playing team in the world and they also play in the cricket world cup. The teenagers and young people mostly play cricket and people of all stages enjoy this game as our team plays in the world cup and in major cricket tournaments.

Football is the second most popular game in my country and we have several million spectators who enjoy major football premier leagues and the football world cup.

Two teams participate in a football game and each team has 11 players on their side. One of these 11 players is the goalkeeper who always tries to protect the goal bar. Rest of the players play in different parts of the fields namely, defence, mid-fielding, attacking-position etc. and their aim is to put the ball into the net of the opponent team’s goal bar. There are a referee, 2 linesmen or assistant referee and the match-authority to ensure the rules of the games and players get the yellow and red cards for foul play. The team that can get more goals would win the match. The length of the game is 90 minutes including a short interval and the teams interchange the position of the field after the interval. This is probably the most popular game in the world and the people in our country have a great passion for this sport.


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