IELTS Cue Card Sample 159 - Tell me about a part of your city that is changing

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Tell me about a part of your city that is changing.

You should say:

  • where is it?
  • how is it changing?
  • why is it changing?

and explain how do you feel about that?

Follow-up Questions:
- Are the changes in the cities good or bad?
- How do people react to them?
- Which facilities should the government make available for people?
- How do you and your friends spend time?
- What are the differences between the way people were spending time in the past and now?
- Should a government consider local people's opinion when deciding on changes in the city?
- Should people know about everything the government is planning?

Model Answer:
I have been living in (..say your city name...) for the last 15 years and know almost every street of this city. The city I knew the first time I came here is far more different than the city has evolved now. The north part of the city has changed more than any part of the city and still changing.

When I first visited this part of the city, it was mostly an open space that had lots of fields, trees and a very minimum number of dwellers. There were hardly any high rising building and mostly farmers and fishers lived there. The fields, lakes and people’s way of living used to give an impression of an urban life. But this is no longer applicable for this part of the city. I went to that part of the city a few days back after a long time and was very surprised to notice the changes which occurred there and still happening.

The need for industrialisation, to accommodate the increasing population and for the business expansion, the part has changed dramatically. The open spaces, fields, and lakes have reduced significantly and one can notice the overwhelming number of factories, industries and offices there. This place no longer gives the urban area impression rather it gives a neo-industrial area impression. The numbers of roads and cars have increased, the farmers and fishers have moved to the farther north side of the city and 2 new colleges and universities have been built there.

I feel the necessity of the new industries and offices and their importance for a country, but the way this part of the city has been transformed is really shocking. There could have been an alternative place for industries and the city administrators and authorities could have saved the natural part of the city. Already the city is overpopulated and because of that we are facing lots of problems, the changes of this part of the city have caused to accommodate more people and have destroyed the natural habitat of wild lives. I feel sad to notice the changes happening in this part of the city.

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