IELTS Cue Card Sample 164 - Describe a visit you have made to a member of your family

IELTS Cue Card Sample 164

Describe a visit you have made to a member of your family.

You should say:

  • Who was that person
  • Why you visited him or her
  • How long was the visit

and explain why this visit was particularly important to you.

Model Answer:
I live in a different city other than my hometown where my parents live and two of my sisters got married and they live in two different places. I often visit my hometown and few times I visited my sisters' houses as well. I would like to talk about the visit I had to my eldest sister's house a few months back. It was not a pre-planned visit. I went to my sister's house as soon as I heard that my little niece got sick and my brother-in-law was out of the country at that time.  

After I heard the news of my niece's sickness, I packed my stuff and left for my hometown. There I met my parents and stayed for about 2 hours or so. My journey to my hometown took around 4 hours. Then I took some home-made foods and other stuff for my sister and my niece which my mother gave me and then left for my sister's house. The journey took another 3 hours and I took a public bus, a taxi and finally a CNG four wheeler.

I had to be there to help my sister and take care of my 8 years old niece who got ill. No other male family member was present at the house that time and I was a great help for my sister. As my niece was very sick, my sister needed someone to mentally support her and help her on some works as well. I called the doctor, purchased fruits and medicines and took my niece to the diagnostic centre for test and reports as well. For all those reasons I had to go there and my presence there was utmost important.

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