IELTS Cue Card Sample 164 - Describe a visit you have made to a member of your family

IELTS Cue Card Sample 164

Describe a visit you have made to a member of your family.

You should say:

  • whom you visited
  • why you visited him/her
  • how long was the visit

and explain why this visit was particularly important to you.


Model Answer 1:
I have been lucky to have many family members, like uncles, cousins and aunts, in addition to my parents and siblings, who I like to visit as often as I can. After all, our family members are and should always be the most important persons in our lives. Needless to say, I also recognize the importance of this close bond among the family members, and hence the recent visit, which I am about to talk.

Anyway, the person, I visited, was one of my older cousins at his house about a few months ago because he suffered some major injuries in an accident. By the way, I and my older cousin have a very special relationship because it was him who taught me a lot of things, like flying kite, fishing in a lake and riding a bicycle, among many other things. In fact, he has always treated me like his own younger brother, he never had. So, when I learned about his injuries, I immediately decided to visit him except, of course, I had a lot of pending tasks at my job, and my boss just didn’t want me to leave the office unless I had taken care of those tasks.

So, I had to wait a couple of days before I could get out of my town and travel about 8 hours in order to see my injured cousin. As soon as he saw me in his room, he wanted to get up from his bed and give me a hug. But, I asked him not to rush because I was there to spend the next day. By the way, my visit made my cousin so happy that he spent the rest of the evening by talking about the memories from our old days.

Well, the visit was particularly important to me because my cousin had always treated me in a very special way in the past, and I wanted to show to him that I would always be on his side. Besides, the visit was also important to me because I hadn’t seen him in a long time.


Sample Answer 2:
I live in a different city other than my hometown where my parents live and two of my sisters got married and they live in two different places. I often visit my hometown and a few times I visited my sisters' houses as well. I would like to talk about the visit I had to my eldest sister's house a few months back. It was not a pre-planned visit. I went to my sister's house as soon as I heard that my little niece got sick and my brother-in-law was out of the country at that time.  

After I heard the news of my niece's sickness, I packed my stuff and left for my hometown. There I met my parents and stayed for about 2 hours or so. My journey to my hometown took around 4 hours. Then I took some home-made foods and other stuff for my sister and my niece which my mother gave me and then left for my sister's house. The journey took another 3 hours and I took a public bus, a taxi and finally a CNG four-wheeler.

I had to be there to help my sister and take care of my 8 years old niece who got ill. No other male family member was present at the house that time and I was a great help for my sister. As my niece was very sick, my sister needed someone to mentally support her and help her with some works as well. I called the doctor, purchased fruits and medicines and took my niece to the diagnostic centre for test and reports as well. For all those reasons I had to go there and my presence, there was utmost important.


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