IELTS Cue Card Sample 202- Describe an important message you received

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an important message you received.

You should say:

  • When you received this message
  • Who sent it to you
  • What was the content of the message

and explain why it was important.

Model Answer: 
With the wide-spread use of the cell phone, pager and the Internet, the message we send and receive has become an important part of our communication and we often get very important messages through those devices. One such important message that I received from one of my classmates who informed me that our exam schedule has been revised and I would need to come from my hometown immediately to attend the exam. 

It was probably 2010 when I was a student of my 7th semester and one day we saw a notice on the university notice board that due to unavoidable reasons the final exam would be postponed and it would be around 7-8 day that the university would remain closed. Since this was a long gap, I planned to visit my hometown and went there next day. I planned to stay there for about 5-6 days and then return to the capital city to attend my exam. 
One day I got a message from one of my classmates, his name was David, and the message told that the university has opened all of a sudden and the exam would be tomorrow! I was really confused and called him instantly and heard that this was a decision taken by the university and the university has called every student regarding this sudden change. He also told me that he tried to call me several times and my cell phone was turned off!
Then I realised that they could not reach my phone because of the network problem and the texting from my classmate actually reached my phone. This was a very important message that I received since it informed me about a very important issue related to my exam schedule. If I had not got the message, there was a good chance that I would have missed the exam and that would have been a great problem for me.  

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