IELTS Cue Card Sample 214 - Describe an annoying neighbour of your community

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an annoying neighbour of your community.

You should say:

  • Who is s/he
  • Why s/he is annoying
  • How s/he behaves with others

And explain what can be done to reduce his/ her annoying behaviour.

Model Answer:
Mr. / Mrs. (...say a name i.e. David/ Fiona/ Kumar/Sonia/ Maroof...) is a very annoying neighbour who lives across the street. S/he would be around 50 years old and has a really irritating personality that bothers us all.

I have seen him/her living there from my childhood and s/he's still living there. S/he is a short tempered person who uses his/her mouth far more than his/her brain.

Sometimes s/he yells aloud and uses very vulgar languages for very silly reasons. We thought that s/he had some sort of mental instability but that was not correct. Actually, his/her attitude and behaviours with others are so rude that people get confused and surprised. I have never found a person who can use so mean and vulgar language only kids went on to play near his/her house. S/he never returns the balls kids throw inside his/her fence unintentionally. S/he can scream and shout continuously and even with a 5 year's kid. Though s/he complaints always about others, s/he does lots of stuff which s/he would not allow others to do. He/she is, in my opinion, a bad neighbour who never helps anyone. He watches TV and listens to the radio with a very loud sound at night, screams with his family members, throws water in the street, does not keep his yard clean, and puts the garbage in unauthorised places.

I am not sure what would actually work to pacify him/her but I guess s/he needs some friends and close family members who would accompany him/her and politely advises him/her. Maybe his loneliness and introvert lifestyle are two reasons for his rude behaviours and that can be done by people whom he would yield to. I have never seen him/her going out on vacations and I feel s/he needs to visit different places and change the monotonous life s/he is living.

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