IELTS Essay: Is life in a big city difficult or more convenient


IELTS Essay Topic:

Some people believe that life in a big city is difficult while others say that it is more convenient.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer:

Although many people believe that life in a metro city is a blessing, there are others who have a different point of view regarding this. In my perception, it is a matter of choice.

To begin with, many people assert that major developments are city-centric, which makes living in a city more convenient. The government always looks after the basic amenities of city dwellers and they get better transportation, amusement facilities, water and electricity supply which unfortunately is not available in rural areas. Furthermore, cities offer more job opportunities and earning bread and butter is easier in a developed city. Not only literates get better opportunities to work in multinational and big companies, but also many illiterate people work as security guards, car drivers, cooks and assistants in houses, shops and offices in a city. Malls, PVR’s, supermarkets remain under one shelter where they can go on weekends for necessary purchases and entertainments. Last but not least, in most of the villages, many students walk miles after miles on foot to go to schools, pupils in cities can save the time and use more convenient transportation.

On the other hand, many people believe that urban life is complex. People do not have a strong social bond and remain busy in their own world, unlike a rural area. People have to work over 50 hours a week to bring food to their table and crimes are heinous in cities.

To conclude, I believe that cities have facilities that let us live a modern life but sometimes with the cost of our personal and social life. Hence, this is a choice we make either to live in a big city and enjoy modern facilities or live close to nature in a village where scarcity of modern amenities is obvious.

[Authored by – Rupinder Kaur]

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