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Having a study partner for your journey to achieving a great IELTS score is quite convenient. The partner can speak with you to enhance your fluency, check your writing sample, encourage you and help manage a regular study schedule. Two people may be able to solve a problem that an individual cannot and that is why the saying goes ‘Two heads are better than one’.

However, having a study partner, especially for IELTS, is not that easy as not all take the IELTS at the same time. Most of the candidates are looking for someone to help them out and share their resources and study materials, however, finding a suitable study partner is difficult.

We have a dedicated a section to help you find a speaking partner and from our experience, we have observed that we need to open a whole new section where people would find study partners rather than only speaking partners. If your sole objective is to find a speaking partner for your test, we recommend you to visit However, if you want someone (or may be a group of aspiring IELTS candidates) you should then leave your credentials, contact details and expectation as a comment here. We will review and publish your comment and others would be able to reach you. We wish you all the best on your journey to reach your IELTS goal.

NB. Any abusive comment or complaints about a particular person would be treated seriously.

A sample response might look like this –

“Hi, I am Jones from Canada and looking for a serious IELTS study partner. My level is upper-intermediate and I need help in IELTS reading. I have some writing and reading resources that I can share with you. I am planning to take the Academic IELTS test in December, 2017. Feel free to call me at +1 819-555-5555, email me to My WhatsApp/Viber number is +1 2549865487.”


14 thoughts on “Find an IELTS Study Partner

  1. My name is Fola. I just registered to take the IELTS General Training test this coming 24th March. Are there any samples you can share with me? I am quite new in reading for this and I don’t know which textbook to get and how to go about it. Any advice will be much appreciated. My email address is Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi, I want to get 6 or above 6 in all four sections of IELTS and terribly in need of speaking and writing partners who can help and practise with me. If you are interested, add me –
    1. to your WhatsApp chat. My number is +77785243698.
    2. Skype: Alimzhan Yakhiyarov
    3. Telegram: @Alimzhan16

    Best regards,

  3. Hi, I am looking for partners to practice the IELTS speaking part. I’m in the beginning period/level. My WhatsApp number is +8801730431932.

  4. Hi,
    I am Pratham Sharma. I have had my IELTS exam and I got overall 8 bands. So I am here to help anyone. I can show you my TRF lol. My WhatsApp number is +919877377405. I am also on Skype and Facebook. For all queries mail me at

    • Hi! I am Abu Abdullah From Bangladesh. I need a speaking partner to improve my speaking skills. I like to use telegram, ICQ (725167676) or Skype all of those are connected with this e-mail ( Feel free to contact me, we can improve our English on Skype, Telegram or ICQ. My Exam is very soon. Thank you.

  5. Hi! I am looking for IELTS speaking partner! Can we help each ether! Please, you can contact me at Whatsapp!

  6. Hi, I am Sabita from Nepal and looking for a serious IELTS study partner. I am an undergraduate student and I need help in IELTS reading and we could share ideas regarding writing and speaking too. I do have some writing and reading resources that I can share with you. I am planning to take the Academic IELTS test in December 2017.If you can provide company to me please, email me at My Viber number is +977 9860920247.”

  7. Hi there! I’m Diptonu from Bangladesh. I’m looking for an IELTS speaking partner. If there is someone who can help me, I will be so grateful to him or her. You can contact me on WhatsApp at +8801717551021 or through Facebook Diptonu Dipto. Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi,
    My name is Faraz and I am looking for IELTS speaking partners. I am planning to book my exam by mid-December. If someone is interested in, kindly drop a message on WhatsApp at +966 536649195 or Skype at ilyas.faraz.

  9. I am Mehdi from Algeria, looking for a speaking partner. I’ll be passing the IELTS this week. Feel free to contact meatn Viber or WhatsApp at 00213559870412.

  10. Hi there! I’m from Italy. I’m looking for an IELTS study partners who could basically help me in writing and speaking. I booked my exam on the 25th November so if there is someone who can help me, I will be so grateful to him or her. You can contact me on WhatsApp at +393206819700 or through email Thanks in advance.

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