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  1. Hello to everyone. Hope you all are doing great! I am Jass from New Zealand. I’m looking for a speaking buddy and my target to achieve 7 band score. I got 6.5 in the last exam. Is anyone out there who genuinely wants to practice speaking? Please join me on WhatsApp +642040877706. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello, I am going to attempt the IELTS test on May 11, and I am looking for a partner for speaking practice who is also willing to do it. Is there any person who is also going to attempt the test? It would be a good thing for preparation. So kindly email me on ullahihsan822@gmail.com or contact me on +923081118888.

  3. Hi, I am Sandy from India. I am going for the IELTS exam in June, and I need a serious speaking partner.

  4. Hello all. I am looking for a partner for speaking. Also, it would be good if we keep in touch and share our knowledge and information about the IELTS exam. (IELTS materials, resources, etc). My WhatsApp number is +37254772049.

  5. Hi everyone, I’m Joanne and I’m preparing for IELTS Academic test. This is my first IELTS exam. My Exam is on May 11th and I’m looking for a serious partner to get help in speaking. If anyone is interested then send me an email. My Skype ID is fbwlgh213@naver.com. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Joanne,
      I have seen your comment and I am preparing for GT next June. I wonder if it is possible to practise speaking together via Skype and we can agree on times.


    • Hello,
      I did try to find you on Skype but I am not sure if it was you or someone else since no one answered me yet. If you still need someone to prepare with for the speaking please let me know!

      Best wishes,


  6. Hello there,

    My name is Gurpreet Kaur and I am looking for a speaking partner to score 7 bands in speaking. My exam is on 23rd March but for speaking, no schedule has been out yet. Please contact me on my email id ‘gkpreet31@gmail.com’

    Thank you.

    • Hello there,

      My name is SM Zain and I am also looking for a speaking partner to score 7 bands in speaking.

    • I have enrolled for IELTS General test for 11th May and interested for IELTS speaking practice. Please do contact on my email id kanwarkhurana@gmail.com


  7. You can request me on Facebook. Lords Alexander (profile picture- Kurt Cobine smocking). I’m extremely sorry that I don’t have any other social networking profile. I also need speaking partners to improve my speaking skills. Have you already booked your exam or not?

  8. Hi, I need a speaking partner because I am taking my test on 23rd March.

  9. I need an IELTS partner for speaking practice. Contact me on my WhatsApp number 9823465288.

    • Hi, I am also searching for a speaking partner. My General Module exam is on 10th May. Can we do speaking practices together? I will be available only on WhatsApp +91 9447511223.

  10. Ms. Richa, I want to take IELTS in March. I don’t know many tricks to crack the test easily, that’s why could you please help in following all modules at the same time? I am eagerly waiting for a speaking partner. I will help you too.

  11. Hey Everyone, I am Richa. I need to work on my speaking skills, so looking for someone who can help me out in this. My WhatsApp no. is “9606624230” and Skype id is “richapradu”. My exam date is in March 2019.

  12. Hi, I’m Cleff and I really need to know more about the IELTS including its sections. If you’re looking for such as well then let’s practice together. Here’s my WhatsApp line +15187509626.

    • Hello Princecleff!!!
      I am Vicky from India and looking for the best speaking partner for exam preparation. I need your cooperation and support to reach my destiny through the IELTS exam to explore my studies in a foreign country.

    • Hi,
      I’m Raj from India. If you wish to, I can be your speaking partner and guide for IELTS. You can reach me at 9036488127. It’s the same number for WhatsApp.

  13. Hey everyone, I am Tarun. Is there anyone who wants to get 7 or above band? If so then WhatsApp me on this number (+919877327586) because I want too… Just sincere mortal can message…!

    • Hi, I am an intermediate level English user and I wanna get 7 in R, W, S and 8 in IELTS. What do you think about helping each other in this way??

      • I’m also searching for a speaking partner. Can we do speaking practices together?

      • I am Abhay Gupta, want to do speaking practice for IELTS. Can I get a partner on WhatsApp 9540012522 for speaking practice?

  14. Hello, I’m Vivian, living in China. I took the IELTS test once last year and got just 6 band score. I want to take the test next year again. If anyone is interested in exchanging ideas about the test, please contact me. My email Id is 1294851046@qq.com or qilinevil@gmail.com.

  15. Hi guys,

    Someone, please contact me to have an English conversation to improve our speaking abilities. My WhatsApp number is +989132744361.

    • My WhatsApp number is +8801753825544 & I want to improve my speaking skill. Please contact me.

  16. Hi guys, my name is Saman and I want a good partner for speaking and writing practice. My WhatsApp number is 989374956259.

  17. Hey, I need a partner for speaking practice. I have my IELTS speaking test on October 13th. My WhatsApp number is +9779814286977.

  18. I am Bapi from Kolkata, India. I would like to take IELTS. I am looking for a speaking partner. If anyone is serious then please call me or add me through my WhatsApp number +917501383883.

  19. Hi, my name is Erke and I need speaking partners for IELTS preparation. My number is +77750827966.

  20. You can join me if you are serious about IELTS. My number is 9996555804.

  21. I am Harjeet Singh. I also need an IELTS partner for speaking and writing practice. My contact number is 9996555804 (WhatsApp ). Only serious people contact me.

  22. I’m Parisa. I want to find somebody who wants to improve his/her English skills. My WhatsApp number is +989126607604.

    • Hey, you can contact me. I want to enhance my writing and speaking skills too. My WhatsApp number is 7814801833.

    • Hi Pari,
      I am Daniel. Please contact me if you want to have a partner for speaking practice. My WhatsApp number is +989132744361.

  23. Hi, I really am much slow and weak in speaking. If anyone wants to speak with me, please knock me on WhatsApp 01718583570.

  24. Hi, my name is Sanzhar and I am from Kazakhstan. I need at least 6.0 bands in the speaking part, but I am bad at it. So I am searching for a speaking partner. My WhatsApp number is +77759757656. Feel free to contact me 🙂

    • Hello Sanzhar,
      Hope you are doing great. If you still need a speaking partner, please WhatsApp me on +91-9768463515.

  25. Anyone who would like to SPEAK and WRITE in English can practice with me. My WhatsApp number is 9998337291.

    • Hi, I also need a speaking partner. If you are interested, please ping me.

    • Hi, this is Dr. Shaikh Zafar from Bhopal. I am also looking for a speaking partner as I have to attend speaking module in a short span of time. Convenient time for me at which we can chat is between 10 to 11 am. If it is convenient for you as well, please let me know. My WhatsApp no. is 8109378939.

  26. Hey, this is Sahil. I need a speaking partner for preparation of IELTS. Please contact me on WhatsApp if anyone is interested. My WhatsApp number is +918146449589.

  27. Hello, I am Diksha from India. I need a speaking partner. Please do WhatsApp if anyone is available. My WhatsApp number is +919629775189.

    • Hello Diksha, I also need a companion for preparation of IELTS. I would like to join you if you also interested. Contact me on WhatsApp. My |WhatsApp number is +918146449589.

      • Hi, Sahil; I’m Prasath, also preparing for IELTS. If you are interested, please ping me.

    • I’m also searching for speaking partners. I have an exam in July. If you don’t have any problem, I will join you. My contact number is 8142443837. I’m also from India.

    • It is not in use. Please provide email id. I have IELTS exam on 30th June, so I need only speaking partner with no other personal discussion. 8390350011 for WhatsApp, text first.

    • Hey Diksha, I am also looking for someone who can help me with the speaking and writing test. If someone wants to join me, kindly WhatsApp me at +919420828479.

    • This is my WhatsApp number (7046842905). I need a speaking partner.

  28. Hi, I am Soyad Ahmed and I’m from Bangladesh. I am preparing for IELTS. I need to a speaking partner. If anyone is interested, please add me on Whatsapp +8801730869873.

    • Hi! my name is Que. I can help you with your English Speaking, I can be your speaker for however long you want for a low fee. I’ve been teaching IELTS speaking for 3 years. My first attempt at IELTS speaking was 7, that was in Academic. For General, I scored 8.5 in my first attempt. I was once a second English Learner, I understand how you feel not knowing how to speak English properly. Let me help you with your Speaking, I can almost guarantee you will improve to another level. Email me at queguo0108@outlook.com if you are interested.

  29. Hello, I am Aditya Sharma. I want to practice IELTS speaking. Can anybody help me to improve my speaking skills?

    • Hi, I am Soyad Ahmed from Bangladesh. I am also preparing for IELTS. I want to be your speaking partner. Add me on WhatsApp 008801730869873.

  30. My IELTS exam is also on 12 May 2018. Can anybody help to prepare for speaking and would like to join me?

  31. Hi, this is Jigar, my IELTS exam date is 12th May’18. I need a speaking partner. If anyone wants to practice, ping me at 9913895308.

  32. Hello there!
    I am Jyoti and looking for an IELTS speaking partner to improve my English. I need band 7. If anyone is interested, please add me on WhatsApp: +966596278428. Currently, I’m in Saudi Arabia.

    • Hi I am Kulsum. I am also preparing for IELTS and need a speaking partner residing in Saudi Arabia. Let me know if you are interested in further communication.

    • Hello Jyoti, I am Sima from India. I am also preparing for my IELTS. I would like to join you.

    • Hi, I am Varsha from India. I would like to join you for IELTS preparation but I could not find your WhatsApp number.

      • I also need a partner for IELTS. You can call me or WhatsApp at 999666155.

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