General Training Writing Task 1 Sample 3 - Your neighbors have written to complain about noise

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Your neighbours have recently written to you to complain about the noise from your house/ flat.

Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter

  • explain the reasons for the noise
  • apologise for the noise
  • describe what action you will take.

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write your own address.

Sample Answer 1:

Dear Mr and Mrs Brock,

I hope you are doing great. It is a shame that we do not know each other very well and I would like to apologise for that. I am writing this letter to respond to your complaint letter that you sent me yesterday about the noise on last Saturday. I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and humbly ask for your forgiveness.

With the concern of home safety, my wife and I decided to install a few smoke detectors in our flat, especially after we saw a devastating fire in our neighbourhood lately. We bought the devices from an online store and started to install and test the gadgets when the shipment had arrived. To ensure that the sound of the fire alarm is loud enough and everyone in the house would notice it, we tested the gadgets for about 20 minutes. Although the testing took place at midday on last Saturday, my wife and I are terribly sorry that your child’s nap was bothered.

I beg for your understanding and forgiveness. Please accept this box of chocolate as a token of my deepest regret for the inconvenience.

Yours sincerely,


[Written by - Lesner]


Model Answer 2:

Dear Jane,

Earlier today, I've received your complaint letter about the loud commotions from my flat. It is a real shame that you had to suffer due to my oversight. I sincerely apologise for that incidence and can assure you that it won't happen again.

On Wednesday, I hired a decoration firm to redecorate my place. The decorators had to relocate all the furniture to complete their work. They also used some heavy machinery to complete their endeavour. That is why you’ve been catching all these loud reverberations.

I understand that I owe you an apology as all these ruckuses are caused for my convenience. And I should’ve informed you beforehand. Anyway, I do apologize, and I’ll owe you a cup of coffee for this. I hope we’ll still be on friendly terms after this incident.

About the sound problem, I’ve already instructed the personnel to tone down the noise level, so your apartment should already be relatively silent. I hope this measure is enough to appease you. By the way, the work will be finished tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience on this matter and come by tomorrow, I’ll show you around my freshly revamped flat.

Yours Sincerely,


[Authored by - Moon]


Model Answer 3:

Dear John,

Hope you are doing great. I'm extremely surprised to get a letter from you indicating that you're immensely annoyed to hear some sound, which is produced from my flat. Indeed, I've no idea that you'll be able to hear this enormous amount of sound.
However, as you know, some days ago, a glass of my window in the kitchen room was broken while some children were playing cricket in front of my flat. That is why I'm trying to refit the window in the evening time when I come back from office. It takes a long time because I have no experience on this work and it's still not finished.
Unfortunately, I thought that the sound will not reach your home but it eventually did as per your claim. Since you have confronted many problems due to the noise, I apologise for this matter. Moreover, I promise this sound will no longer appear from today.
As the work is still not finished, I have decided that I will call a professional who will work in the daytime and the work would be finished within two days.
Once again, I'm extremely sorry for any inconvenience that might have happened for me.
Yours sincerely,    


Model Answer 4:

Dear Mr & Mrs Jonathon,

I am writing in response to your letter, complaining about the sounds my musical instrument is producing. I feel that I have to explain myself and humbly ask for your forgiveness.

Actually, I am a student of the North Carolina Arts College and as a part of my end of term exams, I have to perform 4 plays by a flute. Therefore I have to rehearse every day because I am eager to make a good impression on my teachers. To achieve my goal I am supposed to play about 3 hours a day.

I must apologise for playing in inappropriate hours. It was all my fault since I did not bother reading the rules of our house owner, prohibiting playing musical instruments.

I have consulted with my class teacher and he suggested me to use one of the rooms of the college to rehearse for a small fee. I assure you by no means will be disturbed again by the noise from my apartment.

I beg for your understanding and forgiveness. Please, accept this box of chocolate as a token of my appreciation for not giving this problem a legal action.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Arther.


Your neighbours have recently written to you to complain about the noise from your house flat.

Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter:

  • explain the reasons for the noise
  • apologise for the nouse
  • describe what action you will take.


Sample Answer 5:

Dear Mr Smith,

Hope you are doing great. I am writing this letter in response to the complaint I received from you yesterday. First of all, I would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to you.

I am a final year art student and my term exams are due next week. To clear the exam, we need to play multiple musical instruments with different songs. I am practising with a guitar and a flute to create a good impression. I am sorry, I was practising in the night due to which so much noise was there. I didn’t realize I was so loud. I had words with my professor and he has allowed me to take one of the classrooms for practising in the evening. In the daytime, I will practise at my friend’s place so that the noise doesn’t irritate anyone in the neighbourhood.

Once again, I am extremely sorry for any annoyance caused by my action.

Yours Sincerely,


[Written by - Saf]


Sample Answer 6:

Dear Mr John,

I hope that you are doing well. I am writing this letter to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the party held at our residence last Saturday night.

It was my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. It was very important and joyful celebration for our family. You can imagine that in the current era it seems difficult to live with someone for five years whereas my parents have accomplished 50 years of journey beautifully so far. I came to invite your family and you for the party but the house was locked so I thought you might be away for the weekend.

We had invited close friends and relatives only so there were not many people in the party. However, the majority of the noise was due to children. We completely missed arranging activities for kids due to the last moment arrangement. So, kids were just running and shouting for fun. Moreover, the music was also bit louder and we realised very late that it might disturb the neighbourhood. I would ensure that in future we could keep the music sound as low as possible and surely arrange some fun games for children who would keep them busy and less noisy.

Once again I would like to ask for an apology and guarantee you that it would not happen in future.

Thanks a lot for understanding.


[Written by - Naaz]


Model Answer 7:

Dear Mr and Mrs Alfresco,

I sincerely apologize to you for any inconvenience caused due to the noise from my house and thank you for bringing this to my attention. At times, we might not be aware of the problems we unintentionally cause to our neighbours. I am hoping that you would accept my apology and I can assure that I am taking necessary steps to solve it.

As you are aware that I am a musician by profession. My work requires me to do rehearsals before my performances at odd times. In addition to this, I also provide coaching to music students in the morning. Although, I have always taken utmost care in making sure that noise levels remain low and within the range of my property, but it is quite clear that it was higher this time.

To address the problem of exceeding noise level, I have called a friend of mine who is an expert in sound engineering. He has suggested ways to contain this noise problem by installing noise cancellation frames on windows and doors and making the room airtight. This way, excessive noise will be reduced to a minimum level and will remain within my premises. It may cost me a significant sum but should work in a long run. Please know that making the modification to the existing arrangement will take up to a month.

I am afraid that you will have to tolerate noises for some more time, though I will try my best to keep it minimum, and hope that you will be agreeable to the proposed solution.

Again, I regret the inconvenience caused to you.

Best Regards,


[Authored by - Prateek]

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0 # Kamal 2018-04-28 11:25
Your neighbours have recently written to you to complain about the noise from your house/ flat.

Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter

- explain the reasons for the noise
- apologise for the noise
- describe what action you will take.

Dear Mr & Mrs John,

I trust you are doing splendidly and enjoying the season. I received your letter yesterday and I understand that you were disturbed by some screeching sounds produced from my house the day before yesterday. I deeply regret the inconvenience caused.

Actually, we were getting some of our old furniture repaired which created the noise. The repair work is done and no further unpleasant sound will come from our house.

In future, whenever such work is required to be done in our house, I shall inform and seek your kind permission before we begin the work. I am hoping that you will accept my apology from this time. As a token of regards and respect, please accept a box of Indian sweets, especially brought by my mother from India during her last visit to us.

Hope to meet you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

S. Kamal
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+1 # Mariela 2018-03-08 08:08
Dear Mr and Mrs Mason,

I am your neighbour, Mariela, writing to apologise to you for the noise from my flat yesterday.

I have received your letter, and I regret the inconvenience that I have caused to you and your family. I have two children and I celebrated the younger one's birthday last evening. We had more than twenty guests and a few children. The children at a time played some loud music and shouted to celebrate the event. I should have been more careful about the commotion created due to this and I now repent that it disturbed you.

I promise you this will not happen again. Whenever I have a celebration or party, I will try my best to keep the noise inside. Please accept my apology. I would be delighted if you can manage some time to visit us.

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+5 # Swathi Thada 2017-09-02 22:55
Your neighbours have recently written to you to complain about the noise from your house flat.

Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter, explain the reasons for the noise and apologise.

Describe what action you will take.

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write your own address.

Hi Sandy,

Hope you are doing great. I am so sorry and surprised by the complaint letter sent by you with regard to the noise from our house, yesterday and I wish it did never happen!

As these are summer holidays for our children, both of them were at home while I and my husband went to work. We bought a video game for our children, just a day before. They are obsessed with it and played it at full volume the whole day, while we were at work.

I am extremely sorry that it bothered your ailing mom. I have instructed my children well on the same and I promise that they will never repeat it. In fact, they even want to meet you in person and apologize.

Thanks for understanding.

Best Regards,
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+6 # Tânia 2017-07-14 17:34
Dear Mr and Mrs Rick,

My name is Tânia and I am the neighbour who lives upstairs, and recently I have received a complaints letter from you about the noise from my flat. For this reason, I am writing to apologise and to let you know what actually happened.

One week ago my mother underwent a surgery and because of this she needs to walk on crutches, and I believe this makes a lot of noise. After your complaint, we decided to use a wheelchair in order to stop or even reduce the sound that annoys you so much. This is going to last one or two more days, and the problem will be solved.

I hope you will understand my situation because my mother is 71 years old and she needs a special treatment in this crucial moment of her life.
Also, please accept my apologies for all this disturbance. I would like to invite you to have dinner with us someday.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

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+6 # Selin 2017-05-06 10:49
Letter writing topic:
Your neighbours have recently written to you to complain about the noise from your house flat.

Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter explain the reasons for the noise and apologise.
Describe what action you will take.

Sample Answer:

Dear Fatih,

I am writing this letter to you and your family as an apology for the noise from my flat last night. I hope you and family are doing great. I am very sorry for what happened last night. It was not intentional and I feel really bad to think of the irritation and problem the noise has created for you and your family.

Last night was my 18th birthday. My friends planned a surprise birthday party for me and the noise started without any hint. I apologies for this unexpected party as I did not have any clue that my family members and friends have arranged such a big party to celebrate my birthday. We enjoyed our food, listened to music with high volume, and shouted till late night.

I assure you that I will be more careful about such noisy parties in the future and will let you know beforehand any kind of gathering or party in my house from now on.

Best wishes,
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+6 # Malini Abraham 2017-01-01 11:10
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+12 # Biwas 2016-10-18 05:15
Dear Matt,
I hope you and your family are doing great. I am writing this letter to you and your family as an apology for the noise from my flat last night.

I was very happy to receive your letter. But it is a matter of great regret that you were affected because of a program arranged in my flat. Last night, our family along with our relatives gathered in my flat to welcome my brothers’ family who was staying in Canada for the last 10 years. We were overwhelmed upon receiving them at our home. Everyone was excited and was sharing their story with each other. The program was thought to be simple and for a short duration. Eventually, we started to have some music after having dinner.

We are very sorry to say that, we didn’t notice the loudness of music and our voices and it continued till the late night. We regret that we made our good neighbour upset and disturbed them throughout the night.

From now on, we will make sure that the large gathering and music do not disturb you, especially at late night. I assure you that, I will try to organise such parties in a restaurant rather than at home.

Thank you for being such a good neighbour and understanding the situation.

Yours sincerely,
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+5 # Aaadi 2016-10-11 04:27
Dear Tanveer,

I am writing this letter against the complaint from your side regarding the noise you heard last Sunday from my house. I wasn't aware that the noise would create so much inconvenience for you and your family.

Actually last Saturday due to the wind storm, the window of my bedroom was broken. Also, the bedroom was affected as well. That is why on Sunday I called the labour in order to fix the window and the door. They used some heavy drilled machine in order to make a hole in the wall and iron grill of the window. They also used some grinder machines in order to cut the glass of the window to fix accordingly.

I was not aware that the noise that was generated from these electronic devices and by the labours would actually reach your house and disturb your family.

However, the window and the door are fixed now and I am extremely sorry for the unease faced by you on last Sunday due to the noise generated. I assured you that in such cases in the future. I also hope that you wholeheartedly understand the situation and accept my apology in the light of explanation I shared above.

Yours sincerely
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+16 # Mahdi 2016-08-23 07:39
Dear Mr Sepehri,

I am writing this letter to express my earnest apology for the last night's problem that occurred to you because of our celebration of a birthday party. It was because my grandmother was quite depressed and we decided to hold a birthday party for her to boost her morale, celebrate her 81st birthday and help her to rise against her depression.

After I received your letter, I realised, too much noise was made by the guests, especially children, and it was too shameful. I wouldn't have let them play music and musical instruments if I had known how it could be annoying and disturbing for my neighbours. As a prompt action, I will make sure that the walls and ceilings of my apartment are sealed in order to prevent noise penetration and I will ask any consideration from the dear neighbors before holding any ceremony in future.

I promise, it won't happened again and I hope my apology will be accepted.

Thank you in advance.

Your sincerely,
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+9 # Ibrahim Albassel 2016-05-04 21:13
Dear Neighbours,
I am writing to express my sincere apology for the noise that annoyed you yesterday. Let me explain what happened yesterday in my flat and kindly accept my plea.

It all started when we decided to renovate our house. The decoration contractor had to remove all the old finishing materials and replace it with a new one and this needed the use some demolish-equipment. He used a big iron hammer to remove the wall painting, a grinding machine to cut the floor tiles, and few other tools to have the task done and this generated a loud noise.

This is why the loud noise reached to you. Therefore I have decided to instruct the contractor to shift his working hours. It will be from 9:30 am till 4:30 pm excluding weekends and this is to avoid making noise when people will be home.

Please accept my apology and hope the new planned hours will eliminate noise during your rest hours.

Yours sincerely,
Ibrahim Albassel.
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+6 # Pavi 2016-03-31 19:06
Dear John,

I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience you experienced due to the noise from my house. I have received your complaint letter earlier today and writing to explain the whole situation and to express my earnest apology.

Firstly, I want to let you know that I've recently purchased a new dog and it has been making a lot of noises since then. Probably it was not ready to accept the new house and people. Moreover, two of my friends have been living in my house from the last 3 days and they have a habit of listening music in loud volume.

Good news is that the dog is no longer barking and it is acting normal now. Besides, my friends will be gone tomorrow and I have already talked to them about the loud music.

I apologise again for not taking care of these issues earlier. I hope you can understand my situation and forgive me for the trouble you had to go through because of me. I would like to know more about you and your family and would be very glad if you can visit us anytime you like.

Yours faithfully,
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+6 # Prabin Gurung 2016-03-06 19:15
Dear, Meline,
I am terribly sorry to learn that you could not sleep well last night due to the disturbing noise from my apartment.

Well, it was from our room as we had a big party and accumulated around twenty people to celebrate my son’s graduation and there were few children too. Children played and shouted loudly. I think you might have heard their voices and the noise of the party while you tried to sleep. For all of this, I would like to apologise from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my family. I understand that you have been terribly annoyed by the disturbance.

However, I hope you will take it positively, accept my apology. I really appreciate your tolerance. I would like you to visit our home tomorrow evening and have a cup of tea with us. I promise next time I will be more careful about throwing a party at night.

Thank you so much.

Prabin Gurung.
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+6 # Chaitanya 2016-02-22 08:27
Dear Mrs Praveena,

I hope you are doing well. Yesterday I received a letter from you mentioning the noise from my home. I really apologise for this disturbance from my side.

Due to the heavy rain and the thunderstorm, my kitchen window was broken and the air was coming from the balcony to make the window door flap around. I didn't notice it until I went through your letter yesterday.

Today I escalated the problem to the apartment maintenance section and they promised me that they will resolve the issue within the next two days.

Henceforth, I assure you that there will not be any sound disturbance from my home and thank you very much for your kind notification of the issue and not for complaining to the apartment authority. I again heartily regret that inconvenience and I really appreciate your kind cooperation.

Thanks and Regards
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+14 # Krupa 2016-01-17 21:46
Dear John,

I hope you are doing well and I am writing this letter to express my apology for the inconvenience caused due to the noise from my house. I really feel sorry about this and sincerely ask for your forgiveness.

As you are aware that there is drainage problem in our block and last week when I turned back from office; I found that there was the huge water logged in my bathroom. Hence I decided to resolve the drainage problem and I have asked some plumbers to carry out the work on urgent basis. They need to change the old pipes and it would take 2 more days to complete the work. I am really sorry for the disturbance created by the noise and hope to finish the work at the earliest.

I hope you would understand the situation and forgive me.

Yours Sincerely
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+6 # Trey 2016-01-13 16:22
Dear Neighbours,

Thank you for bringing your complaint to my attention, I apologise for the discomfort that you have been experiencing since yesterday with the loud noise that is coming from my house.

As you might have noticed, I had a severe water leak problem due to a broken water pipe which is located in the foundations of the house, this leakage has caused a massive flood in my basement and is damaging all the surrounding structure.

For this reason, I had to hire a company specialized in floods, to pump out the water from the affected area. The water pumps that are being used for this purpose are very noisy but, unfortunately, is the only available way to drain the water from the flooded area.

I understand the discomfort that this is causing you, and I apologize for all the inconvenience associated with this issue. Also, I must ask you for additional patience and understanding with the problem that I am facing these days. I can assure you that the pumps will be in operation just until 4:00 pm and for 2 more days.

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+15 # Jake 2015-06-25 05:30
Dear Mark,

Greetings, I hope you are doing fine, I am writing you this letter to send my apology. I was surprised this morning when I saw a letter in my mailbox and it came from you. As I read your letter I found out that you are complaining about the noise we made during the night.

Let me explain my side on this letter. During the evening my children and I used to play some games. Since most of the time of the day I am at work, we used this time as for bonding moment as father and children. We never expected that noise we created would reach to your place my deepest apology.

As a promise we will change the time of our play, we might have our playing time during the afternoon after office hours so that we will not disturb you during your resting time. Once again my deepest apology for the inconvenient we had made.

Sincerely yours,
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+14 # Nima 2015-06-08 23:00
Dear Mr Alfred,

I am writing to express my apology about the noise from my house. I received your letter regarding the noise from my flat and I am writing to explain the whole situation and to express my deep apology.

As you know approximately fortnight ago, water pierced the main pipe of my kitchen and I had to dig the kitchen floor and change this. This process should have been finished last week but I found water still licking from the pipe. So I changed all the pipes of my kitchen and altered the kitchen floor ceramic.

Fortunately workers who have been doing this in my kitchen promised me that their work will be done tomorrow. I hope that would finish the unpleasant noise that has been annoying you.

By the way, I am very sorry about this event and I know you can imagine my situation but I want to invite you for dinner at this weekend. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and would be very glad if you accept my invitation.

Sincerely yours,
Nima Mirabedini
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