GT Writing Task 1: Sample 27 - You have recently been to stay with an old friend for a few days

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You have recently been to stay with an old friend for a few days. You haven't seen each other for a long time and was happy to meet him/her.

Now write a letter to this friend. In your letter:

  • say how you felt about the visit
  • refer to something enjoyable that you did while staying with him/her
  • invite your friend to visit you

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear ............,

Model Answer 1:

Dear Karan,

It was indeed a great pleasure to visit you. I felt quite excited to meet you after several years and I will never forget the moments we have spent together after a long; it was just like the old days! I am writing to thank you and invite you to my place.

The way you treated me during my visit is really appreciable - I can never be a great host like you. I cherished every single day of my holidays. When we went to the 'Wonderland', I was simply mesmerised and those are unforgettable moments. We enjoyed everything there as if we were in our school days. I still remember the way you were afraid of water when you were a teenager, I guess you still are!

It would be a great pleasure to invite you to my home for my birthday next month. We will go to the nearby hill station and have great fun there. I will expect you to be with me at that time. Please try to make it.

Warm wishes,


[ Written by - Nishath Begum ]

Model Answer 2:

Dear Jonathon,

I'm writing to profoundly thank you for a really delightful trip at your place. It was great to see you after a long and to be able to spend some quality time with you and your wife Emily. I am writing to invite you both to visit my house next summer.

Now that I'm back home, I keep thinking about how time does fly. Our school days seems just a few months ago! I was delighted to be with you as it reminded me of how close we were during our school days. I should also thank Emily for being such an excellent host. The trip was a memorable one and I particularly enjoyed our visit to the Bonajuma beach where I spent a really pleasant time. The tranquillity and the harmony of the area won my heart. Thank you for taking me there.

Perhaps you can come and visit me during the summer vacation. There are plenty of places we can go and my parents would really love to see you. We will have fun and enjoy our time together.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm wishes,

Alison Cambell

Model Answer 3:

Dear Kumar,

It's been an incredible experience to have met you in Goa after a long hiatus, probably after half a decade. The week we spent together seems to have vanished in no time. I am writing to thank you for an amazing time and your hospitality during the trip and would like to invite you to my house.

The whole week was absolutely awesome. In particular, the trip to George Town would remain etched in my memory forever. That evening we had a fabulous dinner at the Mughal Taj and this was the best meal I have had in a decade. I wish I could make the time stop! Apart from this, I’d also like to give my sincere gratitude to your wife who had been an excellent host during the trip.

As you have mentioned, you have a plan to attend a seminar organised by the Indian Federation Association in Delhi next July. Accordingly, I’d love you to be my guest and stay with my family. This would give me an opportunity to spend some time with you and have you in our house.

Warm wishes,


[ Written by - Neeraj Mehra ]

Model Answer 4:

Dear Wilson,

I am writing to thank you for a magnificent time at your house. I was literally enchanted by your company as it took me back to the old days. You have been so great a host and I would like to spend some time together again. Hence, I am writing to invite you to my house.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the fun-filled trip to the beach, adventurous hike to Mt. Samat and the basketball game we watched at the Guiliano Stadium. I also like the t-shirt and other items that you gifted me. However, the most enjoyable experience was the night we went out camping and it was something I have not done in decades. I hope you also enjoyed the time.

Please visit me in Perth sometime soon so that we can try some of the tourist spots you always wanted to visit. We would enjoy our time and do many fun activities together.

I am expecting to have you in my house and spend some great time.

Warm wishes,


[ Written by - Benchong Dee ]

Model Answer 5:

Dear John,

Hope you are doing great. Thank you for having me at your house last week and it was really great to meet you after a long. The experience was amazing and I had the time of my life when we hopped to different places during the time. I regret that it is over! I am hoping you would come and stay at my house during your next vacation.

As you know I am an ardent football fan and I still cannot get the wonderful memories of that football match that we enjoyed together at the Emirates Stadium out of my head. I still get chills on my spine when I think about it. Remember those tantalizing final ten minutes of the game when Liverpool FC turned it around by scoring two late goals, and then the entire stadium went berserk with joy. I wish I had a video camera to capture those sensational moments!

Anyway, would you fancy dropping by at my place on Sunday afternoon? I am having some high school friends over, and if you could come, that would be simply fantastic as the gathering will turn into our high school reunion. Also, I have not seen some of these guys in ages, so I am pretty sure this is going to be one of a kind of experience for all of us.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Warm wishes,


[ Written by - Sameed Qureshi ]

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