GT Writing Task 1 Sample

In Writing Task 1 of the IELTS GT Test, a prompt will be given that gives you a situation that requires you to write a letter of around 150 words. For example, you may be asked to congratulate a friend who has recently been promoted in his/her job; a letter to your landlord describing a problem in the house you have rented; or a letter to your manager in your office.
You need to write a letter which can be informal (to a friend), semi-formal (to a neighbour) or formal (to a shop manager). We have produced many letter responses which are band 7.5+ level and you can practice them so that you can write any type of letter in your IELTS test. Best of luck!

Band 8/9 IELTS Letter Samples

12 Recent IELTS Letter Topics

IELTS Letter Types with model answers

Title Hits
Letter Writing # 162 - Write a letter to your bank and ask for a loan 8445
Letter Writing # 161 - You spent a weekend at a Hotel in London and left a bag 5913
Letter Writing # 160 - You have recently ordered an item through the Internet 11462
Letter Writing # 159 - You want to move to the college accommodation 25488
Letter Writing # 158 - Apply for the sales manager position in a company 17975
Letter Writing # 157 - You have invited a friend to visit London 10790
Letter Writing # 156 - You had been charged for items you did not purchase 12335
Letter Writing # 155 - You are organising a trip for a group of students 18186
Letter Writing # 154 - Letter to a friend to thank for the invitation 33656
Letter Writing # 153 - Letter to the training organiser to express interest 11760
Letter Writing # 152 - Your friend has a travel company and would like you to work with him 12037
Letter Writing # 151 - You have read an article in the newspaper about someone you know personally 22495
Letter Writing # 150 - You are going to spend your vacation in a city in a foreign country 28866
Letter Writing # 149 - Write a letter to your friend who has forgotten to return a book 38820
Letter Writing # 148 - Write to the local police station for the lost ID card 58512
Letter Writing # 147 - Write a letter to friend inviting to stay with you 29232
Letter Writing # 146 - You went on a trip with a friend and took photographs 12069
Letter Writing # 145 - You are having a graduation party next Saturday 11125
Letter Writing # 144 - Facilities for shoppers could be improved 9916
Letter Writing # 143 - Write a letter to the Principal of a local school 9731