IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 1071 - Children tend to spend a great deal of time playing computer games

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

These days, children tend to spend a great deal of time playing computer games. Some believe this is a beneficial trend while others think it is detrimental.

Which viewpoint do you agree with?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Essay:
Nowadays, many children spend a considerable amount of their time by playing computer games. While most of the people, especially parents, think that this is a waste of valuable time and this time should be utilised for learning academic lessons or taking part in outdoor activities, very few think playing computer games is helpful for children’s cognitive development. I firmly believe that children should play computer games particularly brain games and strategy games but a balance should be maintained so that it does not become an addiction.

In the highly developed technological modern world, it is important for children to play computer games. Firstly, by doing this they can learn how to use computers and become familiar with new technology. Moreover, children communicate to each other at school during the break and often discuss different strategies of some particular computer game. Not only they develop their skills and knowledge such as 3D vision, imagination, and fantasy by playing those, but also computer game is the new modern way of leisure activity for young people, which help them develop thinking patterns, have friends online and build an online world. Many computer games are great learning resources and therefore parents and teacher should supervise what type of games a child play and how much time they spend on that.

On the other hand, spending too much time on computer games might be dangerous for children. For example, some children may not do their homework because they become addicted to computer games and play those most of the time. Also, children have less face-to-face communication with their friends and families as they are busy with games. Furthermore, some of youngest might even become aggressive as computer games expose them to violence and fighting. Therefore, the assistance from adults is needed to help children to keep a balance between computer games and other compulsory deals. Spending too much time can be detrimental to the children’s health, especially for their eyes.

To conclude, a balance is required to ensure children are not playing computer games too much and spending a lot of time in front of computers may lead to disadvantages in other arrears of life such as social communications. However, playing computer games for learning and exploring new ideas can be a very effective way to enhance knowledge and imagination for children.

 [ Written by - Natalia Svetlova ]

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Melanesia Boseren
Topic: These days, children tend to spend a great deal of time playing computer games. Some believe this is a beneficial trend while others think it is detrimental.Answer: Video game is the most popular form of the game in these days, especially among young people. These games are played by almost all of the school-aged kids and many parents and teachers are concerned about it. Computer games offer many types of games that are really attractive to play and it makes the children spent lots of their time in front of the computer. However, this game provides some advantages and disadvantages, which are mentioned below. Firstly, it offers the great benefit of cognitive development and become a harmless hobby for the children as a player, because the player is taught to build their strategic skill. The player is striven not only to understand the issues presented in the game but also is taught to solve problems. Furthermore, the player is pushed to have an ability to think faster. In addition, by playing video games the children can learn a foreign language, for example, English. The player can enhance their vocabulary and practice how to pronounce a word or how to answer the question in English. Strategy games like Microsoft’s Age of Empire are full of historic facts and that can enhance the knowledge of the gamers. On the other hand, the video game has some drawbacks also. It can be harmful in a way that can affect the social life of children. For instance, the children have fewer friends these days because they like to play the game with the person who has the same hobby. Thus they become less active in the outdoor game which is important for physical and mental wellbeing. A further disadvantage is health problem -such as impaired vision. It happens because they look at the computer screen for a long time. Moreover, they can get ill easily because of the lack of fitness. To sum up, it is no doubt that video game is a convenient game today than ever before and more children and teenagers play it. Children can learn by playing a video game, although, it has some negative impacts too. Consequently, the parenting role is needed to oversee their time.