IELTS Cue Card Sample 371 - Describe a paid job you did or someone you know did

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a paid job you did or someone you know did.

You should say:

  • what the job was
  • how you/this person found this job
  • how long you/ this person had this job

and explain how you/ this person feel(s) about this job.

Sample Answer:
Thanks for the opportunity you gave me to talk about this topic. Actually, I am doing my post graduation in a university now and I worked in a local Web design and Hosting company for about one year after I finished my graduation. I would like to talk about this job experience I have. In fact, this is the only paid job I have ever done so far.

I joined this company as a junior executive and when I left the job I was working as an Executive officer. As the company business was related to website designing, hosting and networking related services and I was an executive there but not a designer or programmer, my main responsibility was to promote their services, managing existing clients and giving some technical feedbacks over phone and email.

I learned about this job from an online job portal and their advertisement stated that fresh graduates could apply. I went through their other job requirements and it was a good match for me. I applied online and in a few days, I was called for the interview. After two weeks they gave me a call and asked me whether I wanted to join their company or not. I accepted their offer and joined this company in earlier January 2014.

I did this job for about a year as I remember leaving this job in the early February of 2015. After I got enrolled in my MBA, I found it very difficult to manage my time both for the office and classes. I had to decide and I preferred to pay full attention to my studies and left the job.

My experience in this company was very pleasant. Indeed, I learned a lot about the client communicating, handling their queries and complaints, promoting different packages this web hosting company offered and the technologies related to the designing and hosting. Besides, I was lucky to work with some great colleagues including many designers, developers and system administrators. The working environment was very friendly and I never felt stressed working there. The professional knowledge and experience I gained from my first job in this company would be very important in my career, I hope.

I had to work many long hours and that’s something I often had to struggle with especially after I got enrolled in my Master's degree. I remember working till midnight sometimes when there were issues related to a server or hosting. Sometimes deadlines were very frequent for various clients and I had to work without any day-off. Apart from these negative aspects, I enjoyed my job and the salary was very satisfactory. I even got two salary increments in one year and that was very encouraging for me.

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