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  1. Hi, my names Nikhil Khandelwal, and I am from India. I am looking for a partner who can assist me in speaking test as preparing for IELTS exams. Anyone who wants to show interest can grab this opportunity by reverting me on my Email Id: nikhilhuman14@gmail.com. Looking for your reply! Thanks!

  2. Hi Hiba, my name is Sam and I need a partner to practice for the IELTS speaking test. I will be attending the IELTS exam on 26th of this month. Can we be partners for speaking? My email address is loualone04@gmail.com. If you are unable to contact me via email, we can have a telephonic conversation and my number is 9526875340.

  3. Hi, my name is Vicky and I am from Delhi. I am preparing for IELTS and looking for a partner to improve my speaking skills. We can prepare together for the exam. You can contact me on my email vvicky.arora06@gmail.com.

      • Hi,
        My name is Somu Mathew, and I am in Dubai now. I have booked my exam on December 7. Please WhatsApp me on +971523662570.

  4. Hi, I’m Kulsum. I am searching for a speaking partner. My Skype Id is “Umme Kulsum”.

    • Hi, I would like to be your speaking partner. My phone number is 01747084392. If you think it’s okay, just ring me.

  5. I am looking for a speaking partner who is in moderate level in English. Interested people, please WhatsApp me on +971545228495.

  6. Yes, friend;

    We can practice together. If you don’t mind, you can contact me. My cellphone number is +919552225427.

    • We can practice together. If you don’t mind, you can contact me. My cellphone number is 9425085666. Please reply.

  7. Hi everyone, I am Abdullah from Pakistan and I am in need of a partner for speaking practice. If anybody is interested, please contact me. My WhatsApp number is 03002653919.

  8. Hi, if anybody here wants to speak with me regarding IELTS exam listening, please contact me on

    • We can practice together. If you don’t mind, you can contact me. My cellphone number is +919425085666.

  9. Hello, my name is Katherine, and I’m from Colombia. I’m studying English and need a partner to talk in English. I’m preparing to take the IELTS and need to improve my skills for this exam. My number is +57 3125854614. I’d like to know and find about different people and cultures.

  10. Describe your dream workplace.

    You should say:

    – what it would look like
    – what facilities it would have
    – where it would be

    and say if you think you will ever work in a place like that or not.

  11. Hi, I’m Mithun.

    If you are still practising for IETLS, I am interested to get you as a learning partner. My WhatsApp contact is +919567683678.

  12. I have to take an exam in October, first week. If anyone wants to do a serious practice for all four modules, then please contact me on WhatsApp +919130578807. My email address is shivang.gupta2013@gmail.com. Regards – Shivang.

  13. Hi, this is Shanmukh Kesavarapu from Andhra Pradesh. I’m planning to go to Canada and I would like to practice all of the four modules of IELTS with someone and improve my speaking skill and listening skills. Someone, please help me. My WhatsApp number is 7013916651.

  14. Hi, I’m Sahil. I’m planning to take my IELTS in August. Please communicate with me to help each other and get a better band score and rock the IELTS test. My WhatsApp number is +977 9808898737.

  15. Hi, I am Phani from India. Is someone looking for a study partner? If so, let me know.

  16. Hello Ekta, I am Justin and I also need an IELTS partner. My number is +917087509530.

  17. Hi, I am Roop from Punjab and I am going to fill my IELTS exam but my speaking is not so good. So, I need a speaking partner. If anyone can help me, contact me on my WhatsApp number 8195033285.

  18. Hello everyone, my name is Georgina. I am taking my IELTS exams this August. So if anyone is interested to do IELTS practice with me, please WhatsApp me on +447506099386. I will be grateful to have anyone to practise speaking with. Thank you. I will be awaiting for your call.

  19. Hello everyone, my name is Prince and I am from Amritsar. I will take my IELTS exam in August. So if anyone is interested to do IELTS practice with me, please call me on 6239963620; thank you. I will be awaiting for your call.

  20. Hello, I am Sai Kumar Reddy from India. I am planning for Masters next year. I would like to practice all the four modules with sharing our knowledge in respective, for instance, phrases, vocabulary, speaking module completely and rectifying our mistakes with full-on practice. My WhatsApp number is +91 8333886306. Hope I will get a better partner to achieve my score. Lastly, I would like to say that I am targeting band score of 7.5. Thanking you. Please reply.

    • Hi Reddy, I am Harshavardhan from Andhra Pradesh. With your permission, I want to partner with you for practising IELTS (speaking).

  21. Hello, I am Abha from India and need a speaking partner. Can anybody help me? My WhatsApp number is 9063500002. Please reply.

    • Hi, I am Ekta from India. Are you still looking for the study partner? If so, let me know.

      • Hey, I’m Aryan. I too belong to India and I would love to rehearse the speaking module with you if you are okay with it! Please let me know ASAP.

      • Hello, I am Shravan and I really need a speaking partner. If you are interested, ping me on WhatsApp at +918143880766.

  22. Hello, I am Vivek Modi and I want to practice IELTS speaking. Can anybody help me to improve my speaking skills? My WhatsApp number is +91 9665115827. Please reply.

  23. I need to speak with a person in order to enhance my speaking level. My number is +60183292005 and I am from Malaysia.

    • I am Azadeh from Iran. I’d be glad to start our speaking sessions as soon as possible. My WhatsApp number is +989123224474.

    • Do you have “imo”? I am noman, I’m preparing for IELTS and I need a partner too. My imo number is 01737099333, if you are interested, go on.

      • Hi, I’m Kawsar. I want to develop my skills in English. So, I need a partner, anyone can join me. +8801852844962 is my WhatsApp number.

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