IELTS Cue Card Sample 389 - Describe a family member you would like to work with

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a family member you would like to work with.

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • what kind of person he or she is
  • whether you have worked together before

and explain why you would like to work with this person (more than with other members of your family).

Model Answer:
I am quite proud to have a family where I have got a talented brother, a renowned architect uncle, a genius sister who is an aspiring programmer and a father who is my hero in life. So it would be fairly tough to select a single person from my family with whom I would like to work with. Well, among my family members I would like to work with my brother David, I presume.

David is senior to me by 3 years and is a really brilliant young person I have ever met. He is working in a big architect company where he designs modern houses and building. The main reason I would choose him to work with is because of my interest in architectural design and my brother’s being a great mentor.

He is a gifted and hard working person who would someday become a great architect for sure. He is amiable and friendly. He has always been my protector and the great teacher in my life. The list would be countless if I want to mention the things I have learned from him. He is a tall and handsome person and a voracious reader who always reads or works. I sometimes think in amazement how a single person could be so skilled and well-informed in so many arenas. Mathematics, physics, sports, history, geography, art, chess, astronomy, literature… you name it and he is a master in it.

Certainly, I have worked with him before, but that was not something professional, but kind of personal projects. He and I built a remote controlled boat when I was in the school and I learned how determination can bring success from the experience I gathered from this project. We failed several times to build the motorboat out of some ordinary tools and equipment we had at home. At a time I got depressed but he was so determined that I could not quite. Apart from that, we did many other things together like participating in charity and voluntary work in our community, building a flying saucer toy, to solve numerous math problems etc.

Well, the main reason I would like to work with his is because of his patience and my interest in his profession. He never loses his concentration and temper. No matter how stupid and wrong I am, he will always guide me to the right direction. He is talented and I will definitely learn new approaches to solve a problem. He is a great teacher for me and I am sure there is none with whom I would be as close as I would be with him. Another important reason I would like to work with him is because of his work area. As I said he is a promising architect and I would like to know more about the type of works he does.

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