IELTS Cue Card Sample 517 - An occasion when you forgot something important

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an occasion when you forgot something important.

You should say:

  • what you forgot
  • how important it was
  • why you possibly forgot it

and explain what you did when you remembered it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer 1:
I have recently graduated from a college and my major was finance. Though I have already left my college, my memories related to my academic years are still vivid. On one occasion, I forgot to submit an important assignment and for this cue card topic, I would like to talk about this event.

I was in my 8th semester at that time and in a coursework, we were supposed to submit an assignment which alone carried 40% marks of this course. The pass mark for each coursework was 50% and due to this, the assignment was so crucial for every student.

The teacher who took this course was a guest teacher from another college. As I recall, his name was Stuart and he was around 40 years old. In the last month of our course, he assigned individual assignments to every student and gave us a deadline for the submission. He warned us not to copy-and-paste any part of the assignment and he had a reputation of dealing with the plagiarism very strictly. He also told us that the only reason someone might fail in his course is due to the plagiarism in his assignment. I worked on the assignment and completed almost 80% to 85% of it until I got a severe fever. I had to see a doctor and take medicine to recover from this viral fever. The medical report showed that it was a viral fever and there was nothing to worry about. After a week I joined the class but unfortunately, I completely forgot my deadline of the assignment and the due date was already over! I possibly forgot it due my sickness and distractions caused by it. Sometimes the fever was so severe that I had to take several pills together.  

Soon after I realised that I have missed my deadline,  I tried to contact professor Stuart but I heard that he would not be available until the next week. It was quite a frustrating experience for me. I then concentrated on finishing my assignment and waited for the professor to get back to our college. Next week I met him and explained his everything. To my surprise, he did not seem convinced. I told him that I can show him my medical as well as the test reports, but he looked like he did not care. He got busy on his cell phone and I was literally broke! After he finished his phone conversation, he suddenly  asked me the name and address of the doctor whom I saw during my illness. He, in fact, did contact this doctor and saw him personally, which I learned at a later time. He wanted to be sure that I was not making an excuse for the delay to submit my assignment and was  genuinely ill. To my relief, two days later he called me in his room and gave me an email address. He asked me to send my assignment to this email address within 12 hours. I would like to mention before ending my story that I got 'A' on this assignment.


Sample Answer 2:
Forgetting things is usual with me. Often I forget to do or carry things that are important to me. Consequently, I have to waste times over the issues. Recently, I forgot to bring my laptop which contained the important files required for the meeting.

In fact, it was my mistake. I was in a rush on the day. On the previous night, I went for attending a marriage ceremony and made late to come back home. So, I had to sleep late. As a result, I could not track the alarm. When I woke up, it was almost 8.45am while my office was to begin at 9.00am. So, I rushed towards the office and made the late. I forgot about the laptop. All the necessary files and presentations that I made a day before yesterday was on the laptop while I was supposed to present them during the meeting which was set with some of the high officials.

Just after entering into the office compound, I realised that I did not bring the laptop. It was the most important component of the meeting. The managing director of the office had a private meet with me a couple of weeks before. He instructed a draft and asked me to make a details plan that will include the sales targets, strategies, analysis of competitors’ performance, allocation of responsibilities and more other issues. Without the laptop, it was impossible to present the data and analysis to high officials at the meeting. Moreover, I did not have the ideas on my mind right then. So, without the laptop, I was unable to run the meeting and I had to go back home to bring it.  

Generally, when there is something important at the office like meeting, event, field trip etc., I try to make a reminder about the issue on my cell phone. Besides, I take a note and keep that on the daily appointment book – provided from the office. But I was unable to make anything of them due to participation at the marriage ceremony of my college buddy. I complete the tasks after the office hours or before leaving the office. But, I could not create any reminder for the meeting as some of my friends came to my office to grab me and go together at the ceremony. Amid their chaos, I was unable to create any new reminder or check the former ones. Moreover, I was late to return home and everything got disorganised. As a direct result, I made the mistake.  

It was hard to ask my boss to move into my home again to get the laptop. So, without mentioning anything to anyone, I left for home to bring the laptop. In the middle of my way, I received a phone call from my immediate boss asking about my location and why I was late. I replied with a false excuse that I was stuck in a huge traffic jam. In fact, he is well aware of the traffic congestions in Delhi. Luckily, I reached home within a short time and brought back the laptop. The meeting started in the afternoon as the participants were unable to join in the morning for some sudden change in their schedule. So, I was relieved, made some other changes to the plans and presented the revised copy to the meeting. My plans were accepted with some minor modifications.


Some ideas to talk about this Candidate Task Card:

1. You forgot your driving licence while driving to somewhere.  
2. You forgot to bring train/ air ticket at the railway station/ airport.
3. You forgot to bring money/ credit card while dining at a restaurant.
4. You forgot to call your superior/ manager in the office.
5. You forgot to bring your child home from his/her school.
6. You forgot about a class test.
7. You forgot your luggage.
8. You forgot about a friend who was waiting for you.
9. You forgot someone's birthday.
10. You forgot to turn off something before you left home.
11. You forgot to return a book that you borrowed from a library.
12. You forgot to attend a meeting.
13. You forgot to email someone.
14. You forgot a project deadline.
15. You forgot to apply for a job.
16. You forgot to lock your house/ car.
17. You forgot to pay your utility bill in due time.
18. You forgot to visit a sick relative who was in a hospital.
19. You forgot to bring your admit card in an exam.
20. You forgot to send someone an important SMS/ text.

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