IELTS Cue Card Sample 534 - Describe a journey that you remember well

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a journey that you remember well.

You should say:

  • where you went
  • how you travelled
  • why you went on the journey

and explain why you remember this journey well.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer:
I went to the USA last month to attend a conference arranged for health journalists. It was an interesting journey and most importantly, my first flight out of my country, Greece. I was amazed by the journey and the experience will be memorable always. This cue card appears exciting and I will describe the event in brief now.  

I travelled by aeroplane and also used some other local transports in the USA. But the journey by aeroplane was the most impressive one in my life. It took around 11 hours to reach the USA from Greece. I reached the airport by my private car and then boarded on the aeroplane. I was too excited that I could not sleep the entire time. Initially, I felt a bit of uncomfortable as it was my first air ride too. But gradually I coped with the situation. I had to visit the country for some official purposes. I am a senior reporter of health in a national newspaper of Greece. A conference of the journalists dealing with health issues was supposed to take place in the USA. My office authority selected me to join the conference. I was chosen for my extraordinary performance on reporting about the health issues of the country.   

I can recall every detail of the journey. In fact, I was really happy to have the chance to visit America and the flight was really enjoyable. I joined at the conference and presented a paper as well which was appreciated heavily by the other participants at the conference. Moreover, I also received a prestigious certificate for participating this international conference. I had visited in different parts of New York, where the conference took place. Considering everything, it was a great trip in my life and I will never forget my experience from this trip.

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