General Training Writing Task 1 Sample 62 - While you are driving on holiday, you have a small accident

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Your car is hired from a company and while you are driving on holiday, you have a small accident. You will have to write a report to the company to explain it.

In your letter: You need to explain the following:

» When and where you hired it?
» Describe how the accident happened?
» What kind of action did you take after the accident?

You should write at least 150 words.

Sample Answer 1:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing you to apprise you of a small accident that involves a car that I hired from your company.

I am Preeti Ghuraiya and I hired a Maruti Swift Car (Number: MP07 5234) from your city centre Store, Bangalore, on 1st of Dec for 4 days.

I had hired this car for my family holiday in Mysore, but unfortunately, I met with a small accident while returning on 3rd Dec evening. As it was dark and in absence of proper street light, I could not notice a opened pothole on the road on time; and applied break suddenly, due to which, the car behind, collided with my car. Although there was no major damage, only the light on the left-hand side was broken and had a small dent.

Though I have got the light and dent fixed at the Maruti authorised service station, but the small scratches are still visible. Please accept my sincere apologies. I am willing to pay some extra charges as a compensation if required. You can send me the final bill at my residence address and I shall clear all dues in next 3 days.

Please feel free to call me, in case further information is required.


[Written by - Preeti Ghuraiya] 

Model Answer 2:

Dear Sir,

My name is Ankit. I hired a Toyota Altis car on Monday, 17th of August 2015 from your head office located at Serangoon, for a period of 15 days. The registration number of the car is SGT 2345D. I am writing the letter to inform you that I have met with a minor accident today.

I was on my way from my home to office and at the Raffle place city junction, a car in the opposite direction just tried to cross the signal when it was red. Due to his rash driving, his vehicle slightly touched the right side of my car. I tried my best to avoid it, but could not help much. The driver side's rear view mirror detached and also led to some scratches on the right side of my car. The car looks a bit ugly.

Immediately, I called the police and within 5 minutes they arrived. I assisted them in writing the report. I will send the report to you soon so that you can claim the insurance for the repair costs. But I replaced the rear view mirror from the nearby garage as it is very necessary for driving.

If you need any further information, I am available at 98765678.

Yours sincerely

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0 # Joyce Tan 2016-12-14 12:18
Thank you for marking.
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0 # Joyce Tan 2016-12-12 13:19
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Joyce Tan and I rented a car, Toyota Vios, number AKE 3411, from your company on 15 November for 3 days. It was under your branch office at Ipoh Garden South. I am writing this letter to inform you that a minor car accident occurred on 16th Nov 2016.

On 16th November morning, my family members and I were heading to Tambun for a farm visit. When I was driving through Jalan Tambun, the car in the front stopped very abruptly without any hint and even after I tried my best, I could not stop the collision. It was entirely the fault of the driver of the other car. The front bumper and bonnet of my car got dents and the left headlight glass was broken. The front car's back bumper and tail lights were scratched and broken. Fortunately, no one was injured from the accident. After this, I had reported the police for the car accident and that would ensure that you can claim the insurance. The owner of the other car also gave his contact number and would bear the expenses for the repair and I would be happy to let you two meet and discuss the unfortunate event.

Kindly accept my sincere apology for this unexpected incidence. I am also willing to bear the cost of the repair fee if you need me to. You may mail the bill to my office address and I will settle it within a week.

Please give me a call if you need any further information. My contact number is written on the form I signed before hiring your car and you can also reach me at 91365678.

Yours sincerely,
Joyce Tan
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